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Top 10 Reasons to Have a Personal Trainer

Going to the gym is being committed to your health! Here are the top 10 reasons why you should raise the bar and get a personal trainer!

We all make an effort to get to the gym for one reason or another, and we all have certain goals in mind for being there. For most of us, that includes losing weight, getting stronger, or improving performance. No matter what your individual goal is at the gym, having a personal trainer guiding you can do wonders for your results and your enjoyment of your workout time.

Here are some reasons having a personal trainer is a good investment:

Better than a Mirror

One of the main jobs for a personal trainer is to ensure that the exercises you’re doing are done well and with proper form and movement. Watching all the YouTube videos available doesn’t substitute having a person dedicated to watching you during exercise. While you may have a mirror available when working out by yourself, a mirror can’t tell you when your form is bad, nor can it help tweak or correct you. Having a personal trainer there whose trained eyes are on YOU can help make sure that you’re not only getting the best and most efficient results from the exercise, but it will also help prevent pain or injury that can come from an improper form.

Individualized, Comprehensive Routine

Personal trainers can also provide you with fitness programs that are comprehensive and specifically tailored to YOU and your goals and needs. Professionally designed fitness programs can help ensure that you’re doing what you need to be doing to attain your specific goal in the most efficient way possible and that you’re getting a comprehensive fitness experience. These individually tailored plans help you to truly maximize your time in the gym.

Nutritional Guidance

Many trainers are also equipped with the knowledge and skill to guide you with your nutritional regime. For many people, the nutritional aspect can be the most challenging, due to time constraints, convenience, preferences, lack of true information, and more. Staying on track with your diet can be difficult. A trainer can help guide and support you to make sure that you’re not sabotaging your goals by what you’re putting in your mouth. They can help you know what kind of supplements you need to operate at your maximum capacity. Additionally, a trainer can help you individually with your nutritional plan to make sure it’s manageable and realistic for both your fitness outcomes and your health.

Accountability & Motivation

One of the top reasons personal trainers are worth the investment is that they are a way of helping keep you accountable, on track, and motivated. Trainers are experts at holding you accountable, they’re there waiting for you with a smile every time you show up! When you have a scheduled appointment with your trainer, you’re less likely to skip a workout when you get busy or aren’t feeling motivated. Furthermore, having a trainer with you during your workout is likely to cause you to workout harder and do more than you likely would have pushed yourself to do on your own. They’re there to challenge you, keep you focused, and be your accountability partner.

Support (& make gym less intimidating for some)

Beyond motivation and accountability, personal trainers are there to support you; they’re there to be your very own personal coach and cheerleader! They’re there to be your biggest champion and can be a great source of friendship. Having someone with you at the gym that you trust can also help make the gym more inviting and less intimidating, especially for those who find the weight room a little scary.


One of the best parts of having a personal trainer is that it can make your workouts more FUN and enjoyable, making your workout time fly by! Plus, they help prevent you from getting bored by providing a variety of exercises and equipment to keep your fitness routines new and exciting!


Most importantly, having a personal trainer can help you to get better and more efficient results from your time spent in the gym. Rather than wondering what you should do for your workout that day or if you’re doing things right for your goals, having a personal trainer takes the guesswork right out so that you can focus on getting some serious results!

There's nothing like a good workout to improve your mood and your day, not to mention it keeps you healthy! While you can work out by yourself, personal trainers can help you go that extra step to ensure the time you spend in the gym is as efficient as possible. Fast track your way to success and hire a personal trainer today!

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