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3 Times You Might Need Protein When You Don’t Think You Do

Protein: It’s not just the workout go-to. You need protein at other times in your day as well. Here’s when you need it and where to get it!

I’m guilty of it too: thinking that protein is the thing you prioritize the consumption of after you’ve completed a workout. That’s what we’ve really been taught, right? But truth be told, being sweaty or sore don’t mark the only times protein should be prioritized. Not at all! Here are three other times you might not be aware you need protein.

During Travel or Long Periods Away from Your Kitchen

Yes, an apple is mega healthy, but no, an apple is not going to keep you full on a 6-hour flight or a 4-hour errand-running-excursion! When a full meal isn’t really in the cards for you and your on-the-go self, eating protein ahead of time or bringing a protein-packed snack is going to save you in more ways than one: it’ll save you from getting hangry and mean to strangers, it’ll save you from getting desperate and eating foods you’d rather not say out loud, and it’ll save you from overeating once you do finally get your hands on a meal.

My go-to travel snack is protein balls (that I make ahead of time and bring with me in baggies or containers).Check out the recipe! If you don't have time to spend in the kitchen, then you absolutely need Sunwarrior's Sol Good bars!

At Night when You’re Hungry

We all get hungry in the evening. Well, not all of us, but many of us. Typically, evening denotes sugary snacks. Dessert-y type things. The comforting sweet stuff. But the problem with the sweet stuff is that sugar gives us energy, and the last thing you want before sleeping is energy! Also, sugar doesn’t satiate; it only makes us want more food because it gets our blood sugar levels all hot and bothered and revved up. The solution, in this case, is protein. Protein is what you want before bed if you’re hungry because it fills you up without spiking your blood sugar.

My go-to pre-bed snack is coconut or almond milk yogurt with 2 tablespoons of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend protein mixed in.

When You’re Trying to Lose Weight.

If weight loss is what you’re after, plant-protein couldn’t be a better partner. Because the thing with protein is, protein fills you up. Protein makes you full. Therefore, it makes you eat less to feel satiated. This means you can lose weight while feeling satisfied, which is really the best-case scenario!

My go-to breakfast for weight-loss purposes is protein pancakes.

And my go-to snack for weight-loss purposes is a green smoothie.

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