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Algae: Supplement for Life!

Live long and healthy by supplementing your daily nutritional intake with the health-promoting properties of algae!

It is normal in today’s society to consume foods that are processed, high in artificial sugars and Trans fats: foods that deplete our body from nutrients that are most needed to survive. Many foods that we buy at the conventional groceries stores typically do not have the same nutritional frequency similar to the foods that our ancestors once grew in their backyards.

Today, fruits and vegetables come sprayed with pesticides and herbicides that have names we cannot pronounce. Conventional farming practices have impacted the quality of our soil. Poor soil quality and the use of chemicals and synthetics can leave our bodies vulnerable and more importantly, can be damaging to our health.

Supplements were introduced into the market to make up for what was missing in our diet as a result of modern farming practices and increasingly hurried lifestyles. There is a growing trend in the consumption of supplements as consumers are becoming more aware and health conscious. Dietary supplements are not intended to be a food substitute and cannot replace all of the nutrients and benefits of whole foods. However, supplements can be part of your overall wellness plan.

With so many supplements on the market, one can get very overwhelmed. When we look at supplementation, there are chemical supplements (supplements made synthetically) and whole food bio-active supplementation like Sunwarrior’s Raw vitamins or Vitamin Mineral Rush. Utilizing whole food, living bioactive supplements is the key to improving your overall health.

A powerful living bio-active supplement that we’re going to talk about today is freshwater algae. There are two forms of freshwater algae which our bodies can easily digest: one is blue-green, and the other is green. Klamath Lake in Oregon has one of the best sources of blue-green algae. The lake is unique in that it has a high mineral content, and the vortex water creates unique algae that have soft cell walls made of glycogen. The second form is green algae known as chlorella.

Prehistorically speaking, blue-green algae were also one of the first life forms to release oxygen into the earth’s atmosphere. One of the most significant impacts that blue-green algae and green algae has on the human body is the effect it has on the structure of our DNA.

DNA is the foundation we get from our heritage. We inherit certain traits from our ancestors that determine our body’s strengths, weaknesses, habits, and certain diseases. We do not have to develop the diseases themselves, but unfortunately, our body’s ability to repair its DNA diminishes with age.

Our lifestyle of fast-food eating, lethargy, and stress from generation to generation is having an opposite effect on our DNA. Instead of building and strengthening our DNA, we are doing the opposite by adding physical, nutritional, and emotional stress to it. Therefore, the use of blue-green algae or green algae is a supplement that is imperative to take throughout life to increase the strength of our DNA.

These algae have been known to increase energy, improve mental clarity, improve stamina, and enhance athletic performance. They help keep you young, healthy, and vital. Furthermore, they can improve the immune system. A strong immune system can stop microbes, viruses, and cancer cells from entering our body.

They can detoxify and heal the body, improve digestions and elimination, enhance growth and tissue repair, protect against degenerative and chronic health problems and last but not least, slow down the aging process. I cannot say enough about the lifelong use of these algae.

There is growing evidence that certain supplements, when used in conjunction with a nutritious diet and exercise, can help you achieve and maintain good health. Adding this whole food living supplement may provide the added edge you’re looking for to improving your health.

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