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You're GonnaFlip your Lid

Our game-changing new lids and scoops are here! Never dig through your protein powder for that elusive scoop again! Sunwarrior has solved that problem forever!

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illumin8Enlightened Nutrition

Our new slimming vegan nutritional shake! Shine a light on your health with 8 powerful macro-nutrients ready to satisfy cravings and cover your vital nutrient bases. Now for less!

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Sunwarrior is rolling out month and half-month serving sizes, so you can better plan your nutrition around your super active lifestyle.

We also make it easier to try different flavors and proteins with a smaller dent in your wallet.

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Let's Celebrate

Warrior Week is here!

Sunwarrior's Own Holiday

September 18th – 22nd
Expect a killer deal to be unlocked each day, plus get double Medallions all week long!

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Our free smoothie e-book sports 52 recipes, so try something new each week, or make a month and a half extra special while you narrow down your favorites.