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5 Plants to Spring Clean Your Insides

Spring cleaning isn’t just for houses. Clean your body from the inside out with healthy fruits and vegetables that cleanse, detox, and taste great!

Now that spring has pretty much sprung (calendar-wise, not necessarily temperature wise since I’m writing this seeing snow on my forecast right now…), it’s pretty much time to clear out the winter sludge. After eating baked sweet potatoes and roasted Brussels all winter, my body and I get so excited to fill my insides with springtime plants that help me fit a little better in my pants! Here are my top 5 favorite fruits and veggies for detoxing, alkalizing, and spring cleaning my insides.


If ever there was a “spring clean your insides mascot,” it would most definitely be a lemon. Lemons are just the truest detox fruit. They contain tons of vitamin C which help convert toxins into a water-soluble form that’s easily flushed away, they help alkalize your insides to bring your body into a healthier state of balance, they pump us with potassium, and they provide lots of antioxidants which help keep us un-sick!

I love squeezing lemon juice into water and sipping it on an empty stomach! I also love making dressings with it every opportunity I get!


Like it’s smaller and yellow-er citrus cousin: the lemon, grapefruit also high in vitamin C, potassium and calcium! It’s famous for helping us curb our hunger (which, after stretching our stomachs all winter long, is very helpful!) and it’s a marvelous metabolism-revver-upper!

I love eating grapefruit stag! Just cut up in a bowl with some stevia drizzled on top (and mint if I’m super fancy and have mint at home) is a delightful mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.


Celery is a spring clean’s best friend, as it’s a fabulous source of fiber, (meaning it can help move food through your digestive tract and out the other end!). Celery’s also jam-packed with minerals like potassium, magnesium, sodium, and iron, which make it very alkalizing which means it can help neutralize the effects of acidic foods you might’ve indulged on over the winter. (Hi sugar, and other highly processed foods!)

Celery is only good smeared with nut butter on it. That’s a fact. Which isn’t entirely true because it’s also lovely in juices if you tend to love juicing!


Aside from cliche-ily keeping away vampires, garlic can also help keep away worse intruders: like colds that knock you off your butt for days or viruses that do worse! Garlic has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal AND anti-cancer properties, which means it’s a true super-food in every definition of the word!

Garlic goes with everything! Well, everything like dressings, sauces, sautés! So, everything with an S. Aside from smoothies. Garlic’s not so great in smoothies.


Pineapples are a top pal of mine whenever the weather is warm. They contain an enzyme called “bromelain” which is one of your digestion’s top “bro’s!” (Ok, it’s really helpful for digestion and works wonders for soothing a sore stomach. Piñas are also known for their ability to cleanse and tone the pores in your lungs (which, yes, is a thing and a thing that is important to good health). Also important to good health is vitamin C, which pineapple also happens to be plentiful in.

In my life, pineapple finds its way into my mouth mostly via fork or via smoothie!

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