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Super Facts on 5 Unique Superfoods!

We all know about the typical superfoods, but here are facts on 5 unique superfoods you might not know about!

Most of us have heard of superfoods and why we should eat them. They are packed full of nutritional benefits and antioxidants. They destroy free radicals and are healthy for us. Sometimes we head over to the grocery store and buy a few of them. But do you ever think “there must be more than just another bunch of kale to buy?” You are in luck! Today we are talking about some unique superfoods that might make you a little excited again. Keep the kale, but read along for some super facts on some unique superfoods that are worth trying out.


This superfruit is a superfood that originates from the Brazilian rain forest. It belongs to the cacao family and, therefore, has high flavonoids but is low in caffeine. This is a superfood that helps your body from the inside out. Cupuacu is loaded with vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, C, fatty acids and amino acids. It can boost your immune system, promote heart health, decrease cholesterol, reduce the signs of aging, and increase energy. This really is a super unique superfood! Since obtaining this fruit can be difficult, check online for some raw, unfiltered cupuacu butter. You have numerous uses, and the benefits are amazing.

Black Sapote

This ripened fruit is otherwise known as the chocolate pudding fruit. From Mexico, this fruit is related to the persimmon but tastes like chocolate. This fruit is low in fat, contains calcium, phosphorus, and contains four time the amount of vitamin C than oranges. Black Sapote can give you an energy burst, aid in digestion, naturally increase iron, and increase immunity.


From Africa, this superfood has been used for centuries by the locals to heal ailments. You can obtain pure baobab powder and add it to smoothies and other dishes as desired. Its vitamin C content is even higher than the black sapote and is totally worth your time to try. Baobab can help promote weight loss by helping your body burn fat rather than store fat. It also is linked to heart health, helping varicose veins, and liver health. It is also loaded with minerals, fiber, and other antioxidants to give your body a health boost.


Deriving out of Ethiopia, this gluten-free grain is a versatile superfood. High in protein, high in iron, and high in minerals, this grain provides a slower release of energy enabling sustained endurance. It’s a great health source for athletes.

Pu-erh Tea

From China, this tea in its purest form is one of the most expensive teas in the world. Why? The price of this tea is often referenced to buying wine. A bad harvest of tea leaves will produce a cheaper quality of pu-erh tea. The tea leaves go through an extensive process of harvesting that requires fermentation. This tea is more affordable lately. However, you still want to make sure you are getting a high-quality tea. Stay away from cheap versions. This aged tea (high quality) can decrease blood sugar, decrease LDL cholesterol, and promote heart health by decreasing arterial plaque. Pu-erh tea also aids in digestion, improves sleep quality, and can release stored body fat.

From super fruits to super teas, it is pretty safe to say that my list of superfoods does not stop with kale in the produce department or in front of the quinoa down the grocery aisle. Superfoods can be new and exciting. Take the time and try a few new things in life. These unique superfoods may help you reach goals in becoming a super new you!

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