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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is The Difference Between The Protein Powders?
Can I Combine Sunwarrior Supplements?
When Is The Best Time To Take My Supplements?
Can I Take Your Products When Pregnant And Or Nursing?
Can I Give Your Products To My Child?
Are Your Products Certified Organic?
What Is The Equivalent Of The Scoops In Tablespoons?
Can I Take More Than The Suggested Serving Size Of Your Proteins?
Is There Caffeine In Your Products?
Do Your Products Need To Be Refrigerated?
Are Your Products Kosher, Gluten-free, Dairy-free & Non-gmo?
Are There Heavy Metals In Your Products, And Are You Prop 65 Compliant?
Are there any common allergen ingredients in your products?
Are there any gluten or wheat ingredients in your products?
Is Sunwarrior Sustainable?
What makes Sunwarrior better than the competitor brands?
My container isn’t full. Am I getting what I paid for?
Can products be used after their Best Before date?
Do you offer coupons?
Does Sunwarrior Work with Charitable Partnerships – If So, What Organizations?
Is Sunwarrior hiring?
How can I become an Ambassador?
Does Sunwarrior ship to my country?
Is Sunwarrior available Internationally?
How do I sign up for a product Subscription?
How do I make changes to a subscription? 
What are Rewards points?
How to use your Rewards points?
How Does the 20% off discount work? 
What is the timeline from the time I placed my order to the time I receive my health report?
Who do I contact with any questions about the Sunwarrior DNA Membership?
I have already taken a DNA test before. Can I upload my existing raw data?
Will your DNA reports diagnose any diseases or conditions that I may have? 
Will you sell my data to 3rd parties like insurance companies? How do you protect my data? 
Are my results accurate?
Is it certain that I will develop the results/conditions I am predisposed for based on my reports? 
How is the Sunwarrior DNA Membership different from other DNA test sites?
What are the reports you offer?
How long will it take me to get my results?