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How to Use Music for Healing

Move to the beat of your own drum! Music has healing properties that can enrich, empower, and enlighten your life!

Whether it’s singing in the shower, softly drumming a beat on a table, or belting out the lyrics to a new album, music is all around us and incorporated in our daily lives. Music has the power to fill your soul, dig deep into emotions, and enhance the world around you. Music has the power of healing. Let us show you how to use music to enrich your daily life.

Set a Routine

Create a morning playlist. Listening to your favorite positive music right when you wake up can set you up for a great day. In the morning you may want a more upbeat playlist with energizing songs to wake you up.

If you work out during the day, play music with a high beat per minute such as songs above 180 bpm. This will help you hit your desired intensity. Create a playlist for as long as you want to exercise for, so you don’t get bored. This will also help you make it through the full time that you want to work out.

At night, wind down the day by listening to soft, gentle bedtime music. This may simply be a recording of the sound of rain falling or the wind through trees. Or this may be winding up an old-fashioned music box. If you listen to the same song every night before you go to bed, this may help with sleep as you are associated that song with bedtime and sleeping. Relaxing, positive music can help relieve anxiety and clear the mind.

Or, instead of listening to music, let yourself sing. No matter your talent level, singing can put you in a good mood and fill you with happiness. Setting time in the day to listen to music or sing can be a great way to add something to look forward to.

Learning a New Instrument

Never played an instrument before? Now is your chance! Try something new like the ukulele, harmonica, Tibetan singing bowl, or bongos. These instruments are perfect for beginners, and each has their own unique, beautiful sound.

Bringing People Together

There’s a reason most festivities and traditions involve singing and dancing! Singing songs and creating a beat brings people together. Making music is an affordable way to have fun as it requires nothing except yourself. When you join in song with another person, you feel more connected with them. It allows you to express yourself freely and be creative with the people around you.

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