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5 Benefits of Organic Produce Delivery

Who has time for shopping, let alone shopping healthy? Here are the 5 benefits of having organic produce delivery! Get started today!

Let’s face it, we all live busy lives and although making it to a local farmer’s market to purchase organic produce is ideal, sometimes that isn’t a reality. Over the past few years we have seen a growth in organic produce delivery companies, making it simpler for us to eat clean and quality food. When you’re looking for an organic delivery company, go with one who always makes sure the produce is 100% certified organic fruit & vegetables and in-season. 100% organic means that the foods only contain organic ingredients and must be produced without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, or genetic engineering. Below I have outlined the top benefits of using an organic produce delivery company.

Why Eat Organic?

By eating organic, you can be reassured that the food you’re eating and giving to your family is in its whole state and not altered on a biological level. Industrial farming will spray crops with pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides to kill pests and diseases. These sprays are carcinogenic and can lead to negative health issues. This means that all those chemicals will enter your body and disrupt its normal function.

The chemicals used in conventionally grown food are released into the soil, water, and air, which create direct harm to the environment. It also uses a lot of energy to produce the chemicals and for the farmer’s machines to spray the crops and all that pollution goes into our air and reduces the quality.

Door-To-Door Service

Most companies deliver produce boxes Tuesday thru Thursday, with fully customizable boxes that vary in size based on your needs. You can order your boxes a week prior and have it sitting on your doorstep when you come home from a busy day at work. By having your produce delivered, it will create more time for yourself and your family (compare 10 minutes to order a box to 1-hour shopping at a grocery store).

Who It Supports?

Organic deliveries supports local farmer’s, which means more money into our local economy and less to mass-produced items. Using local farmers ensures your food remains whole with enzymes, nutrients, and life force, as it has to travel a very short distance. Organic farmers are small scale, which means they are able to pay closer attention to eat individual crop. A recent US study showed that organic food creates 21% more jobs than industrial farming, with money spent on organics typically staying within 150 miles of the point-of-purchase. Organics also rely much less on government spending.

More Variety

When you purchase an organic produce box, you can customize so it won’t include fruits and vegetables that you don’t enjoy. It can also provide in-season fruits and vegetables that you’ve never tried and can broaden your palate and creativity. When you add a variety of produce into your diet each week, you will provide your body with the essential nutrients to function properly. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do with the produce you receive, there are often recipes included in the box using those specific ingredients. You will learn about a variety of fruit and veggies, some of which you’ve never heard of or ones thought you didn’t enjoy.

The Real Cost

There is a misconception out there that getting your organic produce delivered is more expensive than buying it yourself at the grocery store. It actually costs less to purchase organic produce boxes. For example, typical boxes range from $37–$57, where the $57.00 box can feed a family of 5 for a week. By shopping at a grocery store, you’re more likely to buy more then you need and families typically spend around $100–$150 which is 2–3 times more expensive than an organic produce box.

Take the plunge and get started with some organic delivery. It’s something you really just need to try out for yourself, and the best part is you’ve got nothing to lose. At the very least you will have a box of deliciously fresh, beautiful produce to enjoy for the rest of the week!

Some Special Facts Using an Organic Delivery Company!

  • They deliver certified fresh organic food to homes and businesses for less than the cost of shopping retail.
  • There is usually no commitment to the service. You can try just one box or love them for life; the choice is yours.
  • Some are zero inventory business helping reduce waste and allowing them to provide food that is fresher than what you might find at the store.
  • A good company will have a mission to build sustainable local food systems by providing small businesses the support they need to move sustainably produced goods and services from makers to consumers with as little waste as possible.

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