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Lemon Garlic Avocado Mousse

Fast and easy, this lemon garlic avocado mousse side dish adds zip and zing to any main dish! Who says the sidekick has to stay in the shadows? Sidekicks were meant to shine!

This lemon garlic avocado mousse is an excellent side dish to my salsa marinated tempeh recipe. The bold flavors combine into something truly fantastic! But it pairs well with any Mexican entrée!

I’ve long been on a mission to shift the belief that healthy food is tasteless and boring. No boring food in my world, baby! All of you on the wellness path know what a myth it is that healthy food must taste flavorless. Taste-bud-dropping-foods, infused with flair, flavor, and nutrition is exactly what you’ll find with my recipes. Not for the weak of palate! With uncomplicated ingredients and confident intention, you can make great tasting food with the added bonus of having that food be oh-so-good-for-you. All you need to do is get to it and this recipe will have you proud of your culinary skills. So, all the salutes to you and the fabulous creations you will make in your kitchen! This lemon garlic avocado mousse will help you get on your way to food greatness!

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