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Vegan Thyme Lemon Loaf

Give your taste buds a happy place with this Vegan Thyme Lemon Bread that tastes and smells like everything awesome!

Two ingredients that sing together in harmony are an odd combo at first glance. Odd or not, once you bite into one slice of this delightful cake, your taste buds will be doing a happy dance. These two ingredients are thyme and lemon. Yes, at first it sounds savory, a little odd, and something you would throw together in a kitchen sink type of recipe. I promise; this tastes incredible. If you aren’t a fan of thyme, you could always replace it with rosemary or lavender. The possibilities are endless. This cake can be made for spring brunches, birthday parties, or even that daily desert we all crave in the morning or after dinner. Using a different variety of flavors and herbs to our desserts can enhance the core flavor.

This recipe is a spring favorite but can be used during fall as well as the flavors intermix with the seasons. This isn’t your typical loaf cake which can be super dry. This cake is moist, bursting with fresh flavors, and spongey. Adding a lemon syrup to the cake while it’s cooling gives that extra burst of freshness. The beautiful thing about this cake is that it's gluten-free and of course, vegan. This cake resembles something you would buy at your local coffee shop. Speckled with perfection and too pretty to eat, until you take that first bite. To ensure freshness, you can always pop this into the fridge when it’s cooled, and it lasts a few days longer than if it was sitting out (if it lasts that long!).

This is a foolproof recipe that will come together in no time. You can double up the batch and pop it into the fridge for five days if you plan on making a second loaf during that time.

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