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Are you a dedicated health enthusiast and/or looking for a way to stay consistent with your protein intake, supplement, and health goals? Simplify making your health a priority without having to spend mental energy and time worrying if your favorite Sunwarrior products will run out.

Save 20% Every time with a Subscription to your favorites! Plus discounted shipping when you subscribe. Simply choose a product, select a frequency, and you’re set!

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1. Log in to your account at

2. Click on "Manage Subscription"

From here you can...

Apply Rewards discounts

Cancel or Skip

Update your shipping address and payment method

And so much more

FAQ for Sunwarrior Subscribe & Save

How do I subscribe to a product?

To subscribe to a product, you will need to first make sure that you have a Sunwarrior account and that you are signed in. Once signed in, navigate to the desired product page. Once you have selected the size of the product you wish to purchase, you will select “Subscribe & Save” and adjust the subscription frequency to your liking. You can repeat this process for multiple items on one order. Prior to checking out, a pop-up window asking for your consent to subscription renewals will appear and requires your response in order to complete the purchase.

Will you notify me when next order processes?

Sunwarrior will send you notices 5 days before your order is due to be processed and shipped. Please make sure your email settings allow for Sunwarrior email communications to be sent to your inbox, where you will see them and are able to plan accordingly. Please make sure Sunwarrior emails do not get routed to your Junk Mail folder as this happens frequently and customers may miss their notifications.

Can I manage my subscription via text message?

Yes! You can opt-in to receive reminders and notifications about your subscription via text message. Once opted-in, you can easily manage your subscription with options such as skip your order, swap a product, and update your shipping address from text. Standard text message rates apply with your provider.
Click Here to Opt-In!

Can I have multiple products on one subscription?

Yes! You may have as many products as you’d like on one subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. You may cancel your subscription at any time. We do require any changes or cancellations made at least three days prior to your next order date. Please note, and this is important, if you wish to cancel an order less than three days prior to your ship date, Sunwarrior is unable to cancel or issue a refund. We send a courtesy email reminding customers of their ship dates five days prior to the scheduled ship date, be sure you have added as an email contact so that the email is not pushed to junk or promotional folders in your inbox. The email notification is sent as a courtesy and it is ultimately the customer's responsibility to track and manage their own subscription.

Can I add a discount code to my subscription order?

You can add a rewards discount code to your recurring subscription orders to stack savings but other website promotional sales and coupons cannot be applied.

How do I Apply my Rewards Discounts to my upcoming Subscription Order?

1. Log in to your account at and navigate to the 'Rewards' tab in Account Details
2. Click REDEEM and copy your code (or if you have already redeemed your code, click on 'Rewards History' to find and copy your code).
3. Navigate to the 'Manage Subscription' tab (found in account details) and click the 'Manage Subscription' button (found next to the subscription you wish to apply rewards to).
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Apply Discount'.
5. Paste the code into the discount code box and confirm.

The product I am subscribed to is out of stock. What do I do now?

We are so sorry to hear that you are having this experience. Please email us at or call us at 888-540-3667 (Monday - Friday, 8AM - 6PM MST) for an estimate on when this product is back in stock and to see what product may be a good substitute in the meantime.

One of the products on my subscription is out of stock. Will my entire order be held?

Yes, unfortunately when one item on a subscription order is out of stock, the entire order will be held until all products on the order are back in stock. If you’d like to receive the remainder of your order and cancel the item that is out of stock, please feel free to contact us and we can take care of this for you.

How do I update my subscription billing/shipping address?

Once signed into your account, select “Manage Subscription.” Now that you are viewing your subscription, select “Manage” and “Update Address.” Change your address accordingly, and be sure to “Update” your changes prior to exiting the screen.

My order shipped to an outdated address – what can be done?

Please enter your address information into your account with care. Addresses cannot be updated or changed once the order has processed. Once your package is assigned a tracking number and leaves our warehouse facility, we cannot stop the process and cannot issue refunds. Please call our customer service team at 888-5403667 and we will do the best we can to accommodate your requests. Please keep in mind we do not have control of the package once it leaves our warehouse and are not responsible for lost or stolen packages, but as a Subscribe and Save member, we do our very best to make your experience the very best possible.

How do I update my credit card information?

Once signed into your account, select “Manage Subscription.” Now that you are viewing your subscription, select “Manage” and “View/Update Card.” Update your card information accordingly, and be sure to “Update” your changes prior to exiting the screen.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Once signed into your account, select “Manage Subscription.” Now that you are viewing your subscription, select “Manage” and “Cancel Subscription.”

I cancelled my subscription, but I still received my order – why is that?

If a subscription is cancelled after an order is processed, that order will still be shipped out. Per our subscription policy, we require a minimum of three business days for any modifications or cancellations. Feel free to contact us at for more information.

I received a product I’m not satisfied with – Can I exchange it?

Exchanges for Subscribe & Save members are a top priority & we do our best to assist you in your satisfaction and a good experience. Please email our support team at with your name, the email on your Subscribe & Save account and your request (the order number, the item you did not enjoy and the item you would like to replace it with) We offer this service for up to 30 days after your order processing date.

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