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Tigernut Banana Berry Muffins

What is this tasty little tuber that carries with it a whole stack of health benefits? Keep reading to know! And have a tigernut banana berry muffin to try it out!

Since I am constantly on the prowl for new forms of nut milks and non-grain flours – I am so glad I discovered tigernuts. They are now the newest superfood in my arsenal. What I love most about the tigernut is that it has its own natural sweetness and a delicious crunch. This makes it perfect for a quick snack or something that I can add into my morning or afternoon smoothie, chia cereal, loaf, or muffin batter.

Tigernuts are also extremely diverse as you can make them into a milk, a flour, or just eat them as is. They have a very unique, chewy texture.

They are an easy addition to anyone’s diet, as it is friendly to all common allergens from nuts to seeds, grains, dairy, sugar, and beans. If you haven’t tried them yet or their flour, today is your day.

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