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7 Ways to Live More Sustainably

 Sunwarrior, plant-based, sustainable, living, protein, Warrior Blend, 90 Serving, bulk

Ever wonder how to live more sustainably? Taking these seven steps with Sunwarrior will lighten your footprint on the planet because a good planet is hard to find.

Earth: it’s what we all have in common. It’s what keeps us connected to each other. But we could all do a little more to stay connected to the earth and return the love it shows us every day by reducing our carbon footprint on the planet. And while a lot of those things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint can take time and organization within our neighborhoods and communities, there are many options you have that you can do on your own. Small choices and little shifts lead to big changes.

Plant-based Eating

Here at Sunwarrior, we celebrate the earth every day of the year by supporting sustainable agricultural practices. Plant-based choices require less energy from fossil fuels, less land, and less water to grow. So shake up your protein with sustainable choice Warrior Blend 90 Serving instead of slicing it with a knife.

Sunwarrior, plant-based, sustainable, living, protein, Warrior Blend, 90 Serving, bulk

Recycle and Reuse

Knowing what your packaging is made from goes a long way to helping Mother Earth. Sunwarrior uses recycled milk cartons for its packaging, which helps eliminate landfill and oceanic problems. And Sunwarrior’s packaging is created so that it can be recycled again. Knowing those sorts of details about the companies you do business with can help you make good decisions. And one good decision leads to another. Try to place your recyclable material in the correct bins, and find ways to reuse bags as many times as possible before throwing them away.

Sunwarrior, plant-based, sustainable, living, protein, Warrior Blend, 90 Serving, bulk

Reusable Options

Single-use plastics are everywhere. That straw used to stir your morning coffee or the plastic bag you use to bring home your groceries have long-time ramifications for the environment. A reusable bag, like Sunwarrior’s jute bag, provides an environmentally friendly way to shop. Sunwarrior’s jute bag has padded handles that make it really easy, even comfortable, to hold, even when you’re carrying those heavy loads of Almond milk. It’s a durable bag that will last a long time and never find its way to a landfill or the ocean. There are also bamboo or stainless-steel straws and reusable bottles for your beverage of choice that go a long way toward eliminating single-use plastics clogging up landfills and oceans.

Reduce Your Road Time

Limiting the time you spend on the road is a great way to reduce emissions and protect our atmosphere and air quality. Get involved with carpools or take public transportation or, better yet, invest in a bike and build your health with fantastic exercise.

Sunwarrior, plant-based, sustainable, living, protein, Warrior Blend, 90 Serving, bulk


Buy Products in Bulk or Larger Serving Sizes

Many companies offer their products with greater serving amounts or larger sizes. It makes sense because less packaging produces less waste. This is one of the reasons Sunwarrior has created a 90 serving Warrior Blend value pouch that you can use to refill your existing Warrior Blend tub.  We encourage you to stock up on all the advantages of a 90 servings per tub:

  • Sustainable living
  • Packaging Reduction
  • Travel reduction
  • And you always have it when you need it
  • All of that, while saving money

Use a Smart Thermostat

A thermostat that can be programmed helps to regulate your home’s temperature to avoid major temperature swings that cost energy and money. A programmable thermostat is also helpful for those times when you’re away.

Don’t Line Your Trash Bin with Plastic Liners

The plastic can liners are abundant and abundantly harmful to the environment. Instead, clean your bins out with organic, environmentally-friendly soap and water from time to time and save yourself, and the planet, the cost of plastic liners.

Sunwarrior, plant-based, sustainable, living, protein, Warrior Blend, 90 Serving, bulk

There is no time like the present to start protecting our resources! Shop now to get Warrior Blend 90 Serving, or sign up for our newsletter and get 10% off your order!

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