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Vegan Christmas Fudge

Easy desserts! Easy on the eyes, easy on the tummy and so easy on the taste buds! Vegan Christmas fudge is a reason to celebrate the season!

There are a few things that scream holiday season to me, and one of those happen to be fudge. I remember making it many years ago with my mom. Enjoying every melt-in-my-mouth piece I could get my hands on. It took a long time to make it with an endless list of ingredients. A lot of time we’d have to run to the store to get some ingredients that we missed. But no more! This fudge takes two ingredients and is done in a snap!

All you need is vegan chocolate chips and peanut butter or any other nut butter really. The peanut butter is what makes this more on the healthy side. Peanut butter has heart-healthy fats that your body needs to lower your risk of cardiovascular and heart disease. Peanut butter also has protein and potassium. Chocolate chips are just good for the soul.

Let the holidays begin with this simple fudge!

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