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The Ultimate Sunwarrior Holiday Gift Giving Guide

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and as you consider your gift-giving list, maybe make well-being your personal shopping theme. Give your loved ones the gift that shows you really love them this year: the gift of health! These 8 fantastic gift ideas will make knocking out that Christmas list a snap!

1. For the Body Builder

Weight lifters, bodybuilders, and sports enthusiasts are all looking for ways to get gains and amplify strength and endurance. Sunwarrior’s research team formulated several amazing proteins just for the bodybuilders on your list to give them the competitive edge they want in the gym, on the court, or on the trail! Warrior Blend, Active Protein, Active Creatine, and all the other products in our Active Sports line offer powerful performance while amplifying recovery from the tip-off to the net, taking your loved ones to the finish line with every scoop. So build muscle, recover from your workout, and replenish your minerals with a protein that performs as hard and with the same intensity as you.

2. For the Yoga Enthusiast

Let your loved ones shine like their Chakras with a soft and lightweight t-shirt. Produced in an eco-conscious facility, this t-shirt is everything you've dreamed of and more. With the right amount of stretch, it's comfortable and flattering for both men and women.

3. For Overall Wellness

Sunwarrior has harnessed the power of nature to bring you the well-being you and your loved ones deserve.

Every product in Sunwarrior’s Be Well collection starts with clean quality, whole food sources and is USDA organic. This means that these products are verified to be organic: from the farm to your home and every step in between, Be Well Organics is the difference between “get well soon” and “be well now.”

4. For the Environmentally Savvy

Sustainability is in the bag! Sunwarrior’s jute bags are more than just fashion. In the time it takes to read this, millions of plastic bags are being made and used all over the world. A strong jute bag helps put an end to that! You love the earth and so does Sunwarrior. This bag is a chance for us to get together and show our love.

For holiday shopping, an environmentally friendly way to shop is an absolute must. Padded handles make it really easy, even comfortable to hold, even those heavy loads of almond milk. This jute bag will last for a long time, carting and carrying load after load. It’s a relationship that can be counted on. When it’s finally time to say goodbye, Sunwarrior’s jute bags will have minimal impact on the environment.

5. For the Chef

If you have someone who loves creating gorgeous confections, savory soups and sauces, and flavorful dishes, then Sunwarrior has the perfect gift choices for you to give them: organic single ingredients to help build a pantry of a lifetime. With options like Cocoa, Ancient Sea Salt, Coconut Milk powder, Peanut Butter powder, Beetroot powder, and Chia Seeds, your favorite chef will have an amazing time creating their holiday favorites in the kitchen.

6. Stocking Stuffers

The best stocking stuffers are the ones that have a real purpose! When you have options like blender bottles that will make your protein shake believe it had been mixed with one of those fancy-schmancy plug-in blenders and travel packs that give your loved ones options as varied and exciting as the lives they live, you have stockings that weren’t just hung with care but filled with care as well!

7. The Ultimate Seasonal Gift Bundle

For a gift that is spiced with warm and cozy and full of holiday merr y-mint, this seasonal gift bundle provides the whole deal. You get a blender bottle, jute tote bag, pumpkin spiced Warrior Blend, and peppermint bark Collagen builder.

8. DIY Cocoa Gifts


You can also use crushed candy canes for a layering level to top off the jar if there is room.


Layer each ingredient in the order of the ingredient list in a 1 qt mason jar. Create a gift tag with preparation instructions (Mix all ingredients together, divide into ten mugs, stir in 1 cup water or nut milk of choice.)

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