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Acai Berry Jam

A little thing called Acai: This berry is your new jam! How can a berry so little, be packed with so much punch? There’s health and flavor all in one!

Acai is quite the buzzword these days. Whatever the form (juice, frozen pulp, or powder), and whatever you may have heard, it is most likely true. These little purplish-blue berries from the Amazon jungle contain a powerhouse of nutrients. To name a few, they have everything from B-vitamins to zinc! Not to mention they are loaded with healthy cell promoting antioxidants. Acai is a superfood, which means the nutrients in these tiny berries are so concentrated that you need such a small amount (daily) to get all of its benefits. They have been known to support weight loss, detox the body, provide long-lasting energy and give a delicious and unique flavor to any recipe!

There are many ways to add Acai to your daily recipes. Whether you add the frozen pulp or powder it into a smoothie, chia cereal, homemade jam, or dessert, there are so many ways to use this magical berry and reap its benefits.

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