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Summer Asian Coleslaw

When you are the lone vegetarian or vegan in your family, how do you do get-togethers where food is involved? You make great vegan food! Like this summer Asian coleslaw!

I come from a family where our dinners at get-togethers consisted of fried chicken, hot dogs, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes loaded with margarine and salt, and more desserts than main dish choices. Most often our plates did not have any green food on them unless you counted the green icing on the birthday cake or the occasional green bean casserole. That being said, when I first started really changing my lifestyle and fixing my diet, I wasn’t sure how my family would respond. Would they judge me, or think I am judging them and their meal choices? Would this be an unnecessary cause of stress? Would it be better to make up an excuse not to go to avoid being around the tempting food that wouldn’t make me feel very good?

Needless to say, I found that it wasn’t as hard to eat healthy at gatherings if I prepared correctly. Properly preparing allowed me to engage my family in some great conversations on why I changed my diet and how great I feel now that my health has been improving so much! I made it clear that it wasn’t that I didn’t like their food or appreciate them, but some foods just physically made me feel really sick. That is why I have to avoid the processed oils, white sugar, or dairy.

Prepare a healthy main meal dish to bring that you can be full on, just in case this is the only thing you can eat. A big salad is a great idea! Or pack a separate Tupperware full of your own food just in case you get hungry, or bring a shaker bottle with some Sunwarrior protein!

Make enough to share! I have found that the best way to turn my family’s health around was not by lecturing them on the dangers of processed foods, dairy, and conventionally processed meats, but in leading by example! And letting them see my own health turnaround, and seeing that my food actually tastes GOOD! They were hesitant at first, but then they started asking questions, being receptive, and are changing their lifestyles to become healthier and happier with increased stamina and less fatigue!

This is the perfect take along to your summer barbecue!

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