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Vegan Split Pea Soup

Warm up your soul with this spectacularly cozy vegan split pea soup! Full of vitamins and flavor, this is the soup to warm you from the inside out!

There’s nothing I crave more than a warm bowl of soup on a frigid day. Split Pea is one of my absolute favorite types of soup, but it’s not always easy to find a version that I can eat. The problem is that many places that serve Split Pea soup either put ham in the recipe, cook the soup with ham bones, or use chicken stock as the base. As a non-meat eater, this limits the opportunities I have to enjoy one of my favorite soups. That’s why I decided to create a vegan version that is lighter and just as flavorful. Peas are packed with vitamins and have a slew of health benefits, so why not be good to your body while eating something tasty? This recipe is super easy to make and will last all week long, so grab your peas, and let’s get cooking!

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