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Cozy Squash, Apple, and Fennel Soup

We're coming into soup season! And this cozy squash, apple, and fennel soup is everything that makes autumn awesome!

It’s difficult to mess up a soup recipe unless you throw some strong flavors in like olives or things that just don’t taste good when simmered like cucumbers or eggplant. But other than that, soup is easy-peasy.

You most likely already have some veggies in your kitchen (like carrots, celery, broccoli, kale, chard, squash, mushrooms) that can be chopped up and tossed into a pot of warm water. Once it has come to a boil and simmered, you can leave it chunky, or you can blend up for a smooth puree. Either way, you’ve got a nice warm meal all in one pot. It is the cheapest and quickest way to make a meal for a large group or for multiple personal servings over and over.

Lastly, don’t get caught up with ingredients or quantities. Just get creative and have fun with new items (like squash instead of white potatoes) and try planning with different amounts, add a tablespoon instead of a teaspoon if it’s an herb that you really like!

Also, soups freeze really well. So, toss out those cans of Campbell’s and turn your pot on!

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