25 Vegan Breakfast (or Brunch!) Recipes

Taking the plunge into veganism can mean a whole new world of flavors and textures. Most restaurants are extremely accommodating these days too, with vegetarian, if not totally vegan, menu items. Except of course, for breakfast.

After all, what do you expect for a meal that's dominated by eggs, butter, and milk? It can be close to impossible to find a decent vegan breakfast at a restaurant, but not to worry. You've got plenty of reasons to stay home and brunch it up with these 25 vegan breakfast recipes. So good.

  1. Toast with Tahini and Dates: I make this one for when I'm on the go. It's not fancy, but it hits the spot. Simply spread tahini on toast and top with sliced dates. Tahini is a lot like peanut butter but made from sesame seeds.  It's so creamy and delicious, as well as high in protein and calcium. This breakfast travels well, but it's also really great with a cup of tea on a quiet morning.
  2. UCN01 Symic flickrVegan Nutella: Or trade that tahini in for a delectable raw, vegan Nutella. Yes, please.
  3. Cream Cheese: Yes, there are plenty of store-bought brands of vegan cream cheese. Just don’t read the labels if you want to enjoy your meal. Make your own instead.
  4. Breakfast Burrito: This isn't a Hot Pocket. It's a super fast and yummy breakfast to take with you. Sub out the tofu for beans or seitan for a soy-free version.
  5. Tiramisu Pancakes: Yeah. It's the crafty work of chef Chloe Coscarelli and it's one to make when you have to satisfy nonvegans for breakfast. They will flip out.
  6. Broccoli Quiche: Quiche is the perfect brunch recipe as it’s sweet and savory and totally filling. Serve this one up with a side of fresh fruits and a cup of Earl Grey and you're in business.
  7. Chard Frittata: If quiches aren't your thing, how about a vegan frittata?
  8. Pumpkin Waffles: Another recipe perfect for guests (particularly around the holidays) these waffles with cashew cream are simply to die for. The addition of pumpkin makes them a little less guilty than without, and the lack of butter, eggs, or milk also reduce your guilt index.
  9. Fake Bacon: Satisfy your guests (vegan and non) who wonder, “What good are waffles without bacon?”
  10. chia_seeds_imageChia Porridge: This one can also be made in a pinch. And you get all the super healthy goodness of chia seeds, which are high in protein, fiber, and healthy omega fats. This is a great recipe, but you can really sub in any dried fruits or nuts you like.
  11. Millet Porridge: This recipe comes by way of Alicia Silverstone and it looks as gorgeous as Alicia herself!
  12. Farina: You may have grown up with Cream of Wheat. You can make a healthy vegan version with plain farina, some spices, and even cocoa powder.
  13. Fruit Salad: You can't go wrong with a fruit salad any time of the day. Perfect for a light breakfast or as a side.
  14. Green Smoothie: For those of you who really like portable breakfasts, the smoothie is the way to go. It's green, good for you, and delicious. What more could you want?
  15. Acai Bowl: The purple Brazilian superfruit comes frozen in pulp or as a sorbet. But eat it like they do in Brazil: topped with sliced banana and granola for a supercharged breakfast.
  16. quinoa_almond_blueberry_breakfast_bowl_recipe_picBlueberry Muffins: I know, but the muffin went out of style two decades ago. We may not be as muffin-crazed a culture as we used to be, so do it for the novelty. Warm 'em up, split 'em open, and slather in the coconut oil for a super, energy charged bite of nostalgia.
  17. Banana Bread: Quick breads are a lot like muffin recipes but can be more versatile. Spread on vegan cream cheese, Nutella, or your favorite nut butter or eat it plain.
  18. Biscuits and Jam: A personal favorite in the winter months, freshly baked biscuits with jam hit the spot for breakfast.
  19. Scrambled Tofu: It's a classic. We make this regularly at my house and always change up the veggies to what's ever seasonal. So good and simple.
  20. Chicken and Waffles: The Shannons recreated this Betty Crocker recipe and you'll be glad they did.
  21. Hash Browns: That tofu tastes even better if it's served alongside some hash browns.
  22. French Toast: It's everyone's favorite. Just like mom used to make.
  23. Granola: Eat it in a bowl or make it into bars, but with granola, you can't go wrong.
  24. natural_coffee_alternatives_picHomemade Muesli: You don't need to import your muesli from Switzerland. Make it yourself with fresh rolled oats, dried fruit, shredded coconut, and your nondairy milk of choice. Great for breakfast in a hurry and especially great if you're breastfeeding (the raw oats boost lactation).
  25. Superfood Coffee Substitute: Since your breakfast is all faux, make your own coffee substitute as well. It's simple, nutritious, and super delicious.

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