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Burmese Tofu

Forget your soy allergy because there are options to have your tofu and eat it, too! This Burmese tofu shows you the way be teaching you to make your own soy-free!

Many people have soy allergies, and some may not even know it! For me being vegan, I discovered I have an allergy to soy, too! I had been regularly eating many foods my body has a sensitivity to. My Natural Healing Doctor ultimately found that I had fungi in one of my intestines and that fungi feeds off of many things, but especially fermented foods like soy, kombucha, and sauerkraut. As a vegan, I consumed soy products daily: tofu, tempeh, liquid aminos, and edamame. Fungi also feeds off sugar and vinegar, which didn’t help since I was consuming apple cider vinegar daily! Once I began an entire protocol to kill off this fungus, my body looked and completely felt different!

So, whether or not you have a sensitivity to soy like me, I hope you enjoy this completely soy-free and fermented-free tofu, knowing that it still contains all the protein for those plant-based gains! So here is a recipe where you can still indulge with tofu because its 100% soy-free. It serves eight people and is ready in fifteen minutes!

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