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Banana Bonbons

Quick! Before warm weather is totally over, make a cold, refreshing treat: banana bonbons! And if you still eat them through the winter, it’s okay. We don’t blame you, and we won’t tell!

Does anything possibly say awesome treat more than bonbons? They’re easy to pop into your mouth when you stroll by the freezer, they’re fun to dive into while sitting by the pool, and they’re arguably even more fun to just say out loud: “bonbon!” Of course, traditional bonbons can make you feel like crap crap. Full of dairy and processed sugar, they don’t exactly shout “good health!”

But know what does? These banana bonbons. Also known (to me) as “ban bans.” These cuties are so simple to make, so healthy, so fun, and so impressive that you (and whoever's lucky enough to enjoy them with you) will be left smiling from ear to ear.

There’s really nothing more to say other than, yeah: these banana bonbons really are the bomb bomb.

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