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Holiday Bundt Cake

Don’t lose your head this holiday season when you say let them eat cake. Because cake can be good. Holiday Bundt Cake with healthier ingredient choices can be the best of all.

The Christmas tree is up, carols are playing on the radio, and holiday preparations are in full effect. It is a time where we decide who will be hosting the holidays, what to eat, and where we will be spending time (hopefully with loved ones). For me, the holidays are traditionally about making delicious food and being a scientist creating new desserts. This year, I wanted to blow the dust off my Bundt cake pan. Years ago, I purchased a plethora of mini Bundt pans. I loved the idea that instead of everyone having a slice of cake, they could have their own mini Bundt cake. I used my mini Bundt pans for this recipe, but you can always use the traditional size. Either works!

I wanted to add a holiday kick to this recipe. Traditionally, I like to use orange or lemon as my base for the cake, but I opted to use almond and cranberries. The tanginess of the cranberries compliments the nutty flavor of the almond extract. The best thing about these mini Bundt cakes is that they can be devoured for dessert or for a delicious breakfast the following morning.

I used a combination of both almond flour and gluten-free flour blend to give the cake a nutty and crumbly texture. Don’t forget to spray or rub your Bundt pan with extra coconut oil to prevent sticking! This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, and celiac safe for everyone! Your holidays have gotten that much healthier and brighter already. You can always experiment with the recipe, adding orange juice, lemon zest, chopped nuts, or even a chocolate drizzle. Make these Bundt cakes your own masterpiece and have a blast in the kitchen.

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