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4 Ways to Achieve the Art of Wellness

If the last couple of years has taught us anything, it is that health, wellness, and self-care are vital, and because of that truth, Sunwarrior has spent that time working on wellness solutions so you can spend less time worrying about your wellness and more time . . . well, BEING well. Check out the four ways you can achieve the art of wellness today.

We are often so busy taking care of others that it feels selfish when we turn our focus inward, but an empty bread basket cannot provide food for anyone else. Self-care provides the ingredients you need to fill your basket. It’s basically preserving a healthy relationship with yourself at every level:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Environmental

Be Well Physically

Eat With Nutrition in Mind

Nutrition affects every aspect of personal well-being. Without proper nutrition, physical capabilities diminish, mental abilities become foggy, and emotions are hard to keep under your personal control. The better you eat as far as nutrition is concerned, the better you will feel. But most of us are so busy that our relationship with nutrition is complicated. If you find yourself falling short on providing your body with the nutrition it needs, you might want to try supplementing with vital vitamins such as organic vitamin D3 or vitamin C that come from real, whole food sources. You might also want to try supplementing with minerals such as iodine.

Be Well Mentally

Mental stress is a chronic condition of modern society. Ways to overcome that stress would be to meditate, engage in yoga, and eat properly. There is also Be Well Organic Mushroom Blend. These potent mushrooms are known as adaptogens, are grown in the US, and have been shown in research to help people overcome and "adapt" to physical and mental stress

Sleep is also vital for your health and well-being. Sleep deprivation causes cognitive decline as well as distortions in mood and physical ability. What you are able to accomplish and feel when awake depends a great deal on how much sleep you got the night before. But sometimes, the ability to relax enough to get proper rest is difficult. Be Well’s Organic Ashwagandha provides the rest, relaxation, and revitalization you need with 10% natural withanolides.

Be Well Socially

Nurture Your Relationships. When we are at odds with others, it is hard to be at peace with ourselves. The reverse is also true. Part of nurturing our relationships is connecting with others in meaningful ways. Sometimes relationships can be a little sticky, but learning to forgive when you’re wronged, showing gratitude when kindnesses are shown to you, saying “I love you” often and “I’m sorry” when necessary, and practicing compassion and acceptance for others and their ideas go a long way toward healthy relationships. Whether it’s in your professional or personal relationships, healthy boundaries are crucial. Give yourself permission to say no to requests that are beyond your scope mentally, physically, emotionally, or physically. Healthy relationships are win-win. Healthy boundaries help maintain the win-win balance.

Be Well Spiritually

Connecting with our faith and with nature helps us to find balance with our spiritual side. Feeding our spiritual selves can also come from the growth of developing our talents and hobbies and the satisfaction that comes from creation and learning. Every new thing you learn has a positive effect on your brain. It forms new neural pathways and may help act as a preventative to dementia. It can serve as a way to recharge creativity and a way to let off steam. It also increases self-confidence. A way to boost your cognitive self to allow that creativity to flow would be with Be Well’s Organic Turmeric. The curcumin boasts a 95% curcuminoid formula to help keep your mind clear, active, and ready to try new things as well as to improve on old things.

Be Well Environmentally

There are a lot of ways our environments are toxic, whether that be from people, newsfeeds online, or even the packaging our food comes in. The good news is that you are in control of that. You control the type of people you allow into your life. You control which newsfeeds to pay attention to or to turn the news off altogether so you can spend quality time outside. And you control what types of food products you buy so you can choose to purchase from companies that use BPA-free plastics or that use glass and paper containers. Sunwarrior is always working to bring you nutrition that will be good for you and the environment by using the safest, cleanest practices possible. They also took the delivery system of each supplement from their Be Well Organics Collection into careful consideration. Every capsule is made using natural, vegan-friendly capsules and flow agents to deliver potency without adding unnecessary synthetic fillers or ingredients. The capsules are then packaged in sustainable glass amber bottles to reduce light and preserve nutritive value.

Your wellness is important and we’re with you on your wellness journey every step of the way. Be Well Organics is the difference between “get well soon” and “be well now.”

For a little extra boost of self-care, here is a sublime smoothie recipe to add hydration, fun flavor, and nutrition to your day. For extra immunity, try it with Be Well’s Organic Elderberry + vitamin C.

Vitamin C Boosting Coconut Lime Smoothie

Add all those superfood ingredients to your high-speed blender and blend your way to better health and happiness. Pour it into your favorite glass and enjoy.

For some self-care wellness that goes the extra mile, sip your vitamin-packed orange smoothie while reading a good book, cuddling with your favorite dog or human, or while relaxing in your bathtub.

Take care of yourself and Be Well.

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