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Fennel & Micro Green Salad

There’s big taste and health in this micro green and fennel salad! A refreshing bite of summer!

Treat yourself right with this delicious fennel and micro green salad! Bursting with flavors with mint, lemon, arugula, and fennel, this salad will leave you smiling the entire day. The flavors will pop with our delicious lime vinaigrette. Just a touch of olive oil, lime juice, and seasoning, and this salad comes together to create a fresh and flavorful salad.

This salad is a blend of micro greens and fennel. What exactly are micro greens you ask? You’ve probably seen them covering dishes in restaurants which make them so appealing and stunning visually. These little guys aren’t only gorgeous, they pack a nutritional punch! Micro greens absorb nutrients in the soil which gives them a boost of nutritional value. Micro greens are typically grown in greenhouses and can be found anywhere in the world. The carbon footprint of these plants are very low, so it’s a perfect farm to table green. Micro greens are lighter in flavor than their mature counterparts. They take on different textures and flavors, ranging from sweet to spicy.

The real star of this salad is the delicious fennel. This vegetable has fantastic health benefits including large amounts of vitamin C which can help boost your immune system. Fennel has been known to help facilitate digestion, therefore, processing food more readily in the body. Fennel is high in fiber which can aid processing waste in the stomach. The most surprising fact about fennel is that it is a natural source of electrolytes. Fennel is immensely high in potassium which our body craves post workout.

This homemade salad will leave you smiling ear to ear. Boost your day with nutrients and green-powered energy!

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