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A JACKED UP Post-Workout Golden Turmeric Smoothie!

Know what must be as fun as a party? Winning the gold! So we’re giving you the ultimate recipe for a post-workout turmeric golden smoothie! You’re welcome!

Know what you have to do to win a gold medal? Be JACKED! (Unless you won the gold in, well, even ping pong people are pretty jacked!) Whether we’re jacked or not, all of us can experience the fun of drinking a JACKED UP GOLDEN SMOOTHIE which helps those big strong muscles of yours recover from a workout so you can go back to life and win in motherhood or fatherhood or employeehood or take first place in a This is Us Marathon.

The turmeric in this smoothie has some great anti-inflammatory properties which can really help soothe our swollen, achy joints and muscles. One of the active components in Turmeric and the stuff that makes turmeric yellow (which looks great in this smoothie but not on your stained t-shirt) are called curcumins. Curcumin provides awesome antioxidants which can help keep your immune system strong after you kick your own booty in the gym, AND it could even help ease that post-workout pain!

The plant-protein, a la Sunwarrior, helps your body rebuild the muscles it broke down when it worked out. Duh.

The maca is terrific at giving your adrenals some TLC. Your adrenals, by the way, work their butts off to release hormones that help you perform your butt off during a workout. But under the stress of hard exercise and after you drink caffeine before your hard exercise, they get a little burnt out, and maca is a superstar at helping them recover. And the ginger is that deliciousness that helps with muscle soreness. Many studies have been done and concluded that consuming ginger post-workout can speed up your recovery time and give you fewer excuses to miss tomorrow’s workout! Sorry, I’m not sorry.

But you will be sorry if you don’t try this smoothie.

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