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Kids, Greens & Vegan Ice Cream

Can’t get your kids to eat greens? Make it a party by celebrating with the Irish and getting your green on in healthy, fantastic tasting ways!

If you’re a parent that struggles with making your kids eating greens, then this is for you. Grownups think that kids should understand when we say, demand they eat their greens so they can be strong like Popeye. Since many kids don’t even know who Popeye is anymore, our words fall on deaf ears. The truth is that parents try hard in the way they best know how. But, what is the easiest and less stressful way to make your kids eat those greens? Camouflage it! No, this doesn’t mean hide broccoli in their grilled cheese sandwich. It means blend it in a way they would never know it’s a green and put it in a product they do not want to refuse: Ice cream and shakes!

Here are some recipes that you can try to help your little one consume more greens without a fuss.

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