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Vegan Vigilante and the Kung Pow Peanut Sauce Stir Fry

The Vegan Vigilante is changing the way we see the food in our fridges one household at a time, leaving health in his wake. Where will he strike next?

Welcome to the first episode of the Vegan Vigilante, a video series where celebrity vegan chef Jason Wrobel steps up to the challenges Sunwarrior issues him. This week he was asked to cook a healthy, plant-based meal for a friend, using only the ingredients, tools, and equipment found in their kitchen. He isn’t allowed to take anything from home, not his beautiful blender, his fancy knives, or even a packet of Sunwarrior superfood protein.

The Vegan Vigilante will prove, once and for all, that it isn’t too hard, expensive, or time-consuming to make a healthy meal at home. If he can do it with what you have lying around, so can you. Jason Wrobel drops in on two of his friends, Robin and Ryan, to scrounge through their pantry, fridge, and cupboards and make them something nutritious and delicious.

Jason’s friends surprise him by having more ingredients than he expected. Many of us buy a decent amount of good foods, but let them spoil or use them in unhealthy ways. Spicy Asian stir fry to the rescue! He’s able to whip up a spicy, Kung Pow peanut sauce covered veggie dish in less time than it takes to make it to a drive thru and back home, especially in a big city. You have to see Robin and Ryan snarf this dish down even faster. It’s obviously delicious! Where and how will the Vegan Vigilante strike next?

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