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Probiotic Power Sauerkraut N’ Dijon Vinaigrette

Power up with this probiotic power sauerkraut n’ dijon vinaigrette This tasty probiotic rich vinaigrette adds zip and life to your salad!

Salads! Everyone is eating them now. (Or so I like to think.) The trouble is most are dousing their salads with store-bought dressings that are anything but healthy. In fact, many contain hydrogenated vegetable oils, trans-fats, refined sugar, excess sodium, and numerous chemical preservatives and flavor enhancers. Plus, they taste like they are store-bought rather than flavored with the vibrant, sassy, slightly acidic, nutrient-infused, healthy fats, tasty blends of home-made creations.

If salads are a part of your diet, you need to ensure you are gracing those greens with quality dressings and vinaigrettes. Abundant in flavor and rich in probiotics, this vinaigrette will adorn most any salad wonderfully from straight up greens to a chopped veggie salad, greens and grains combos, and the full spectrum of beans. You can even use it to infuse tofu cubes with flavor for a vegan feta cheese alternative.

First, ensure you have the right juice! When shopping for your sauerkraut, be sure you are purchasing a raw, unpasteurized kraut. Great bonus if it is locally made. Health food stores and farmers markets or organic delivery services are your most likely option to find a quality product, and often there are various flavors and even veggie combos to choose from.

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