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Recharge your Mind and Body in 5 Simple Ways

Life is full of energy-drainers. Recharge your mind in 5 simple ways!

There is a great need to discuss a critical step individuals need to take in order to assess what is actually happening in the body and the mind that results in tension and stress. This is needed in order to make adjustments in our life that will ultimately assist ourselves in pursuing the proper course to respond to stress favorably. In today’s hustle-and-bustle world, we are all in such a rush to get more and more done. Because of our constant efforts to keep up with the rest of the world, we tend to forget we are only human and begin to neglect our overall wellbeing as we rarely take the time to consider how we could do things better. When it comes to manipulating our minds and bodies in how it responds to and handles stress, this is an essential component that offers the secret for molding better mindsets.

Simply Breathe

Become mindful of your breath. How does it feel? Is it heavy? Quick? Close your eyes and begin to draw your focus to your breath. It will start to slow down and deepen to a speed that is more curative. If you want to train and perfect breathing pace, you can count in and out to about 5. Relax. (Research has shown a breathing rate of about 5.5—6 breaths each second is perfect for parasympathetic/relaxation benefits).

Good Energy--Good Thoughts

Having good energy is having the proper energy, not only physically, but mentally as well in order to fuel your activities and prosper throughout the day. Your particular energy demands are simply unique for various times of the day and different than anyone else. The energy you specifically need to wake up in the morning quite peacefully, yet alert and prepared to tackle the day is not the same as the energy you need to sleep, or even mentally allow you to take care of challenging responsibilities.

The management of body-energy is that upon waking up and falling asleep your body and mind happily flow. Your mind must be in line with your actions--the body and mind must be in sync so each day will fuel the next.

Sense a Positive Emotion.

Studies show that having gratitude is one of the fastest, simplest and most impactful ways to change your mindset to positive. Once you immerse your mind in thoughts of gratitude, there begins to be a mind and body connection, and you will begin to not only have thoughts of gratitude but feel a sense of gratitude. You might also wish to try finding something humorous and feeling the psychological experience of comedy, that has been demonstrated to possess similar brain-boosting advantages, such as raising gamma waves in the mind that are generally only found in long-term meditators.

Next, begin to focus your mind and energy on something that gives your brain a very clear direction to feel in much more resilient ways. Your mind and body will then begin to feel fully charged, making you more equipped to take on the day all while being more flexible and adaptable, and able to utilize the energy to make a positive shift in attention.

Rest Your Mind

If rest is so imperative for the human body, it is crucial for the mind. Our minds are subjects to work that is continuous and many times, there is no time for proper “rest.” Proper rest for the functioning brain is during key hours of the night our body requires. During these key hours of proper rest, our brain and thoughts are able to shut down. During this process of shutting down and storing information, it rejuvenates our mind making us equipped to tackle the next day. Without rest, we are damaging our brain’s fullest potential, and we can diminish our overall wellbeing.

Put Your Mind (and Body) to Action

Once we give our constant working brains a chance to adequately rest, exercising our minds is the next step. Your brain is finally rejuvenated and ready to start its daily processing. Exercise and flood your brain with good energy and good thoughts. Studies have shown that exercising actually helps improves the brain’s overall function, information processing skills and long-term memory.

In the midst of a stressful circumstance, it might appear hopeless to truly find something, anything, to feel grateful for. Pondering the good in life—even the smallest things like the air you are breathing, the creation around you, the encouraging word that was given to you at the proper time or even grateful for the roof over your head—you are going to be surprised at how much easier it is to feel grateful and be grateful for all things.

Countless studies have indicated that shifting your focus from our natural human negative bias tendency to one that is more adaptable to mold into positive thinking generates a cascade of biological influences helping us to adequately and happily navigate throughout activities and challenges throughout the day much more effectively. This will affect not only our own mind and body thinking and energy but others we encounter as well. Being grateful and feeling gratitude can have a profound effect on the body--along with exercise, it triggers endorphins to be released in the brain. As a result, it can improve the function of the body’s immune system, decrease stress hormones, reduce inflammation, and positively affect other bodily systems. Rest your mind, exercise and put it to action, be grateful, and in turn, you will prosper with longevity and overall wellbeing.

Author: Tim-McComsey

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