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Raw Almond Basil Pesto Pate

For  a super simple version of pesto, we bring you this raw almond basil pesto pate which is sure to  bring you much happiness and nutrition!

When you think of pesto – I am sure immediately basil comes to mind. It does for me! Not that you can’t make a pesto without basil, it just tastes that much better with it. Especially when you have freshly grown basil in season. There are so many variations of pesto and some contain dairy, some have other vegetables mixed in – but I like to keep mine either super simple with oil or this creamy version using lots of nuts. The key to this recipe is soaking the almonds to get a creamy consistency. IT’s so packed full of nutrients that this can become your full meal! All you need are some greens, kelp noodles or raw cracker with it and you’re done. This can also be served over cooked gluten-free pasta in the cooler months. However, I encourage you to try this over zucchini or kelp noodles for a light and nourishing grain-free option.

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