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Vegan Baked Taquitos

With busy summer schedules, dinners you can freeze and warm up in a hurry make the whole season better. Make your summer rock with these vegan baked taquitos. Once you give them a try, your whole family will be clamoring for more!

Convenience is the name of the game in my family, especially over the summer. Kids always seem to be hungry. Always having food on hand is a must! But finding healthy food that kids like is hard! Sure I can have vegetables and fruit on hand all summer, but they don’t always want that. A lot of the time, I prebake dinners and freeze them, and a huge favorite is baked taquitos.

I know. I know. You don’t want to turn the oven on in the summer, but you can make a lot of these and freeze them. Then when you or the kids are hungry, it’ll take minimal effort to eat.

And the best thing about these taquitos is that they are stuffed with delicious and healthy stuff. Pinto and black beans are chock-full of folate, fiber, and protein, which means the kids will stay fuller longer. And salsa is filled with great vegetables. You can even add roasted peppers as well, which would make it even better!

This will take care of afternoon hunger pains, and your kids will thank you because they’ll love them!

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