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Homemade Healthy High-Protein Chocolate Almond Butter

Where health meets happy! Get our protein on with satisfying flavor in this chocolate almond butter!

It’s time for my annual birthday recipe! Because it’s my annual birthday! This year was a little different for me and my birthday - I uncharacteristically got in the birthday spirit very early, and kinda did that whole birthday month thing. So I wanted to create a birthday recipe that I could enjoy all month long, not just during my big 24 hours of being a queen.

My solution was to make this CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY BUTTER! Which is an extra special, rich, festive, decadent, high-protein (thanks to the Sunwarrior plant protein powder), creamy chocolatey nut butter that turns anything you spread it on, toast - apples - bananas - your spoon, knife or thumb into a something worth celebrating!

And also worth celebrating? How ridiculously easy it is to make.

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