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6 Ways to a New You

There is no better time than today to start challenging yourself to a new you. Here are 6 ways where you can achieve the goals you’ve set and be the best you that you really want to be!

You can do some pretty good damage control within 8–12 weeks. You can reshape your body, gain muscle, lose body fat, increase your confidence, and—if you were thinking about a total dietary makeover—hey, you can do that, too! So let's get started, and before you know it, a new you will be on its way.

Get Ready to Discover a New You!

1. Looking to lose body fat? Congratulations on leaping right to it! Diet, exercise, and mental strength will lead you to your goals. There is not a magic pill that’s going to do this for you. You need to increase your cardio, switch up your routine if you’re at a plateau, decrease caloric intake, reduce unhealthy fats and processed foods, increase healthy fats, drink more water, eat smaller, healthier meals throughout the day, and aim for 8 hours of sleep per night. Being consistent is the key. Don’t let mishaps play with your mind and defeat you. If you fall off the wagon, just pick yourself back up and get right back on track. Remember, you are trying to be the best YOU that you can be. Do not compare yourself to others; focus on yourself.

2. Feeling fit but want to reshape your body? Weights are going to become your best friend. Your diet is also playing a huge factor. You want to make sure you are eating clean and incorporating protein and healthy carbs after each workout. Because you are already in good health, your daily workouts should be dedicated to interval training with the addition of weight training 3–4 times a week. Be patient. Good things are worth the wait.

3. Muscle gains? You are looking at some dedicated time and structure. You will find you have more rest days compared to someone wanting to lose weight or reshape their bodies. Your body needs this to recover. Muscle gains are all about diet, compound exercises with increased loads, and increased reps with intensity as you start building up more strength. Sleep, protein, and making sure you are eating according to your goals. You want to give your muscles 24 hours to recover from each intense workout, so they have time to be nourished and grow. You may also look into natural supplements like Sunwarrior offers to help achieve your goals.

4. Dietary changes? If you are considering switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet, you may have the best results with a gradual transition. Try going meatless Monday plus one meal a day dedicated to your dietary preference. You can then build upon that. You can also try this technique to whatever nutritional provisions you are trying to achieve. Incorporating a healthy balance of nutrients will help you succeed. Finding foods you like, playing with different herbs, and taking time to enjoy your meals will also aid towards your goals.

5. Confidence. The best part is, whatever the change, you will help increase your confidence and encourage you to stick with it! You will notice diet plays a role in all the above tips. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what body shape you have; what you eat is a lifestyle change, and consistency combined with exercise will help you achieve and maintain your goals.

6. Most importantly, DO NOT GIVE UP! Remember, results do not happen overnight. Long-term results will take a couple of months of hard work before you notice a significant change. Don't be discouraged though; be kind to yourself because changes are happening, even if the visual results are taking time. Be sure you stick with it. You will see a difference, and your new you will continue to thrive. Your mental and physical health is the gift that keeps giving.

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