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Have a Heart: Forgiveness and Healing

Ever wonder why your emotions are depicted as things that happen in your heart? It might just be because your emotions affect your heart health!

In terms of a spiritual approach, the practice of forgiveness and “letting go” is a very powerful and effective way to let go of toxic, negative emotions that can cause stress and put extra strain on your heart.


Practicing forgiveness toward yourself and others allows you to let go and release painful emotions such as anger, regret, shame, resentment, and grief—which in turn will allow you to accept things as they are and let more love into your life. This practice of radical forgiveness and emotional healing is a critical component in the pursuit of longevity.

Take Responsibility

When you take full responsibility for your emotional state of well-being and choose to heal your heart, you gain a deep sense of self-worth, empowerment, and a feeling of lasting acceptance that “all is well.” Basically, you learn to stop sweating the small stuff, let the negativity go, and start to forgive. It’s a very powerful practice and a perfect complement to a heart-healthy diet.

Wherever You Go, Go with All Your Heart

Relatively simple in function, your heart’s primary purpose is to pump . . . 24 hours a day, 70 to 80 times a minute. With each beat, your heart pumps blood that delivers life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients to more than 300 trillion cells in your body. Your heart is the lil’ engine that keeps chugging along, keeping you alive every day. With that much work to do, it’s worth noting that ALL whole, plant-based foods are intrinsically cholesterol free, which gives you a great indication of the perfect sources of fuel for your ticker.

Eat Right; Love Right

Beyond your diet, though, I think your lifestyle plays a huge role in your overall heart health. Of course, please eat a ton of nutrient-rich fruits and veggies—but also cultivate more deep love in your life, let go of lingering resentments, explore meditation or prayer, and remember to have more fun and let loose! Your heart is a very intuitive, receptive organ and will respond to all of the goodness you can cultivate in life. Come to think of it, I think the basic formula is even easier than the one I shared with you at the beginning of this post. Here’s the new, simplified formula for a healthy heart:

Happy Life = Healthy Heart.

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