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Fat Loss Myths You Should Ignore

Don’t give in to the weight loss myth. Get the real skinny and lose weight naturally and healthily!

As America’s waistlines continue to expand, more and more people are seeking the next best methods for losing excess fat. Weight loss has become a major hot topic in today’s world, and as the need for it has grown so has the myths surrounding how to best lose weight (and by weight, we mean fat). If you’re an individual interested in losing fat weight, it’s important to be aware of some of the top fat loss myths that could hinder both your fat loss success, but also your long-term health.

Count (And Lower) Calories

Counting calories ultimately is not an effective (or healthy) long-term fat loss strategy. Our bodies simply do not operate the same as in a laboratory setting; our bodies process various foods differently. Not all calories are created equal, meaning that 100 calories of a fresh apple will have a completely different effect on the body than 100 calories of fruit snacks or apple pie. The number of calories doesn’t tell us what effect these calories will have on our health, fat loss goals, metabolism, satiety, hormones, or anything else. Rather than focusing on calories, focus on how much nutrition you’re giving your body to allow it to function optimally.

Essentially, many people feel like if they’re doing everything that they should to lose weight, then the scale will always go down. However, true loss of fat weight is not a simple, linear process; there might be some days, even if you’re doing what you should, that weight might actually increase! This doesn’t mean you’re necessarily off track, but because true weight loss isn’t a simple matter of calories-in and calories-out, and there are a lot of factors that influence weight, daily weight can fluctuate. This can be due to a number of factors such as hydration status, what specifically was eaten that day or the day before, activity level, quality of sleep, stress, hormones, menstrual cycle, and more.

You Can Eat What You Want If You Take Certain Weight Loss Supplements

No matter what procedures or supplements become available, they’ll never replace what you eat. Food has a powerful physiological effect that is much deeper than calories-in and calories-out, affecting metabolism, hormones, and more. If what you’re eating is telling your body to be in fat-storage mode, it’s going to constantly be an uphill battle to try to lose a pound. What you’re eating should always be emphasized first and foremost. From there, only high-quality, purposeful supplements should be taken to help boost your healthy bodily functioning. Most weight-loss pills can seriously damage internal health and should be avoided.

Going on An Extreme Diet Will Help Me Lose Weight

Extreme diets such as low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie, etc. are not only not sustainable, but are certainly not healthy. When the body is deprived of the nutrition it needs, short-term weight loss (but not typically a lot of FAT loss), might be experienced as your body is essentially in survival mode, but, the long-term result will be weight gain and a more difficult time losing weight from fat. The bottom line is that the right kind of carbs don’t make you fat, the right kind of fat doesn’t make you fat, and the right kind of foods not only won’t make you fat but will keep you healthy, fit, and happy. True and lasting fat weight-loss comes from a consistent lifestyle of eating nourishing foods. Rather than having a diet mentality, focus on your lifestyle diet. This also includes eliminating and avoiding diet foods, which are highly processed and unhealthy.

To Lose Weight, Focus Only on Food

True and lasting fat weight loss comes from having a healthy, balanced mind and body. This means that while it is important to focus on high quality, nourishing foods, it’s also highly important to be aware of and incorporate proper hydration practices, activity habits, proper sleep habits, stress management techniques, and successful and proper mindset habits. Essentially, true and lasting fat loss comes from a well-balanced life.

In short, the best long-term strategy for fat loss includes a lifestyle of whole, fresh, and nutrient-dense foods that are free from harmful ingredients and processing techniques. When this is combined with proper activity levels, managed stress, and proper sleep, the need for fat loss strategies essentially becomes non-existent.

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