So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Thick & Creamy Vegan Cherry Shake

Paint the town red by starting with your shake! This vegan cherry shake will bring the color back into your life with vibrant, creamy flavor that’s definitely a party in your glass!

Your core combo of sweet cherries and beets make for a most vibrant colored shake that is all the stuff happiness is made from! One sip of this thick, creamy delish shake and you will be longing for more and planning for the next time you can make it. With just a few ingredients that pack a powerful punch of nutrients including omega 3 EFA, you have a shake that will suffice for breakfast, a pre or post workout refueling, an afternoon indulgence, or a sensational dessert for even the most luxurious dinner gathering. Simply serve in sexy glasses, top with fruits and drizzle with a little chocolate syrup or a berry or orange infused liqueur.

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