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The Best Super High-Rep Training With HIIT 100s Workout

Ambassador Tim McComsey doing wide angled pushup | The Best Super High-Rep Training With HIIT 100s Workout | Featured | hiit workouts with weights

Get your heart rate up and your fat burning with these HIIT 100s workout plan. Read on to find out more.

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Achieve Muscle Definition and Fat Loss with a HIIT 100s Workout Routine

What is HIIT? It stands for high-intensity interval training. The HIIT program encourages 100% effort in every set with a short period of recovery in between.

HIIT Workout Plan Targets More Muscles

What’s the significance of doing HIIT 100s? If you’re strength training, you likely utilize moderate weight with moderate repetitions.

While this will eventually yield positive results, it may be time to add a new dimension to your training to maximize your athletic potential. Did you know that activating different muscle fibers can get you there?

Each body has three types of muscle fibers:

  • Slow twitch (red) muscle fibers
  • Intermediate (gray) muscle fibers
  • Fast twitch (white) muscle fibers

Red fibers respond during endurance-type activities like marathon running while white fibers respond during shorter explosive strength exercises like jump squats or sprints.

Gray fibers sit somewhere in the middle and can be utilized during either type of exercise depending on what the body needs at the time.

Targeting different types of muscle fibers can get you out of that plateau, maximize the “pump” brought on by a training program, build muscle, and burn fat, all simply by changing up your number of repetitions and timing.

HIIT 100s Do More Than Make You Burn Calories

Young shirtless muscular man warming up before a workout outdoors | The Best Super High-Rep Training With HIIT 100s Workout | hiit weight training workout routine

Take Super High-Rep Training (SHRT), for example! SHRT will stimulate the red and gray fibers that may not normally activate during regular weight lifting.

While it is common knowledge that varying your reps and weight can have an effect on creating lean muscle mass, there is growing evidence that having a high-rep workout in addition to heavy weight lifting can make you bigger and stronger naturally.

I’ve created this version of a 100s workout, which will be extremely effective at stimulating collateral blood circulation through your muscles while building fuller, stronger muscles.

This workout will activate endurance and strength muscle fibers to strengthen and build the muscles in the legs, back, and core, which are all large muscle groups.

Therefore, the focus should always be on proper form, especially as the body begins to fatigue.

Use a weight that is not only challenging, but also allows you to finish the complete number of repetitions safely.

You’ll also benefit from having lighter options easily available to jump on just in case! You will also want a training partner to help you count because as your body works, your brain is also in action.

You’ll likely forget what number you’re on, so create a system that will keep you on track.

As soon as you’re finished with the 100 reps, hit that stopwatch and take three full minutes of rest.

Make the Most of Fitness with This Super HIIT Workout Routine

With this SHRT 100s workout, you will be focusing on high-rep training with very short inter-set rest periods between each exercise until the circuit is completed.

Be sure to get as many reps in for at least 60 seconds for 3 minutes of total work. Any less and you will not reach the endurance fibers.

If you must rest, take 30 seconds and jump right back in to finish your set. Be sure to refuel your body after your workout with a Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein Shake.

Dynamic Warmup:

  • Leg swings (forward/backward x 10, side to side x 10)
  • Glute kicks: 30 seconds
  • Walking lunges: 20 on each leg
  • High knees: 30 seconds
  • Inchworms x 10

HIIT 100s Workout Plan

Complete one to three sets of the entire circuit with 3 minutes of rest in between each exercise:

  • 100 dumbbell squats or seated leg press
  • 100 Swiss ball or TRX hamstring roll-ins
  • 100 kettlebell wide stance plié squats
  • 100 kettlebell swings
  • 100 TRX front squats or sissy squats
  • 100-second plank

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4 Benefits of High-Intensity Workouts

Athletic woman and man working ab intervals in fitness | The Best Super High-Rep Training With HIIT 100s Workout | hiit 100

To help you appreciate HIIT 100s more and encourage you to try the SHRT, let us explain some of the benefits of HIIT exercises:

1. Increased Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic capacity refers to the ability of the heart and lungs to take in oxygen and distribute it to a particular muscle group. The higher it is, the better since it promotes endurance with a reduced risk of fatigue.

In a systematic review involving cardiac patients, the researchers learned that HIIT training may be more effective than a continuous workout in increasing aerobic capacity.

The results of the study may be significant for two reasons. First, it goes to show that people with heart problems can still do an exercise that’s high intensity with the guidance of their doctor.

Second, HIIT workout plans may help strengthen the cardiovascular system. After all, the heart is one of the largest and essential muscles in the body.

2. Lower Glucose Levels

HIIT workout routines may also help people with problems in metabolizing glucose or blood sugar. These may include those with insulin resistance or diabetes.

What is insulin resistance? It is a condition characterized by the body’s inability to respond to insulin, a hormone that delivers glucose to cells.

In a 2017 study by the University of Turku, two groups of healthy and diabetic men participated in a moderate but traditional-intensity workout and HIIT routine.

The HIIT routine was just as effective in improving the utilization of glucose as the regular type of exercise.

This highlights the fact that exercise, in different forms, is ideal for people with blood sugar issues. The advantage of HIIT is it demands only a few minutes of your time to produce the same results.

Like all other exercises, however, consistency is the key. To maximize the benefits of HIIT 100s, for example, you need to do them regularly.

3. Weight Loss

Woman doing lunges in a gym, crop | The Best Super High-Rep Training With HIIT 100s Workout | high intensity interval training workouts

Because of the design or structure of HIIT workouts, which include higher oxygen uptake, they have a high rate of calorie burn. Estimates suggest that it can be as much as 300 in 30 minutes.

That’s not all. One of the reasons for the popularity of HIIT in the fitness industry is its ability to sustain your calorie burn by keeping your metabolic rate up even after an exercise.

In fact, it may perform better than conventional aerobic endurance exercise such as jogging in this area. What’s more, the likes of HIIT 100s can burn fat and carbohydrates.

It may explain why you can choose to do HIIT every other day, or you can reap its benefits even for a short period of exercise.

4. Variety and Convenience

One of the best things about HIIT is it’s flexible or versatile. While you can exercise different muscle groups at once, it is also possible to target certain areas.

For example, you can perform HIIT cardio and HIIT weight training at different times or days. You may also do them on a bench press or treadmill or with rudimentary equipment such as a jump rope or battle rope.

You may choose to do a HIIT weight training workout routine or HIIT 100s at home, while traveling, or in a gym with HIIT classes. It’s also possible to do it by yourself or with a HIIT trainer.

You may also apply the principles of HIIT in common exercises such as sprint or biking, as well as opt for its subtypes such as Tabata. It is an intense workout consisting of eight rounds of 20 seconds of maximum-effort exercise and 10 seconds of rest.

Check out this full body blast HIIT workout with Tim McComsey in this video from Sunwarrior:

Workouts like HIIT 100s can help you achieve different health goals such as when you want to reduce the weight or build muscles naturally.

Like other exercises, however, never do them without the approval of your doctor. If necessary, start with shorter time intervals and then gradually build up your duration.

The most important thing is you do your exercises to the best of your ability and in the correct form to minimize or avoid injuries and speed up your recovery.

What’s the one thing you like about HIIT? Share your answer in the comments section below.

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