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The Ultimate Green Smoothie

Whether your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, gain muscle, eat more greens, or simply stay healthy and fight off colds, the ultimate green smoothie is for you!

This ultimate green smoothie is perfect to help you meet your goals. Even for the most balanced diets, smoothies are a great way to pack in additional vitamins and nutrients you might be overlooking. It is easy to add oils, powders, fruits, and vegetables into a blender when you wouldn’t normally eat them otherwise. This is one of my favorite green smoothie recipes, and it can be a base if you would like to add any additional fruits, powders, or vitamins you might have on hand. Smoothies are also a great way to use up produce that you have in your house. You can add any fruits you’d like to this recipe, switch an apple for a pear, swap spinach for kale, or even add a caffeine boost with some matcha powder – the options are endless. The key is to get all of these nutrients in and personalize the recipe to help you meet your goals.

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