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5 Fermented Foods that’ll Rock Your World (And Your Gut)

Want your world rocked? We’ve got 5 fermented foods that will do just that all while keeping you and your gut healthy!

There’s been a trend going on with my healthy living podcast that I never could’ve predicted: fermented foods casually come up in almost every chat with a health expert that I have! The reason is that fermented foods are jam-packed with great bacteria (probiotics) that our bodies—and especially our guts—need to feel and operate in tip-top shape. And we ain’t getting nearly close to enough of them! So let’s change, that, shall we? Here are my top 5 favorite fermented foods to rock your world - and your gut!


What: Kombucha is a fermented tea (which, explodes if you shake it—just like soda!). It can contain a diverse range of sugar quantities (try to choose the lowest sugar you can find) and does contain a splash of alcohol that comes from the fermentation process.

How: Drink it! You can just drink it solo—it’s great in a wine glass with dinner to get that wine mojo without the actual wine, and it’s also great in a (thoroughly cleaned) glass almond butter jar. Whatever vehicle you choose to drink it out of, sticking to around 4–8 oz. a day is perfection!


What: At its most basic level, sauerkraut is fermented cabbage, but other veggies can sometimes get thrown into the mix like beets, onions, or garlic. The sauerkraut, as it sits in a jar soaking in its own juices (plus some salt and water), becomes a magic source of probiotics and vitamin B vitamins, helping you curb cravings and populate your gut with great bacteria which can keep bloating at bay and make your immune system super strong.

How: Try adding 1 to 3 tablespoons of sauerkraut at each meal, and feel free to work your way up to ½ cup or more. You can toss some sauerkraut into your salads, add some to your avocado toast or sandwiches, mix it into guacamole, or just put it on the side of your plate and eat it alongside your meal! I promise, after adding it to your diet, your body will naturally start craving it.


What: Miso is a salty and slightly sweet pasta made from fermented soybeans (or fermented rice, barley, soybeans or other grains if you don’t do soy).

How: Since it’s super salty, try not to eat TOO much of it. Try not to go over 2 teaspoons each day or you’ll start craving sweets to balance out all the salts! My favorite way to enjoy miso is mixed into dressings (just add it to a dressing recipe you’re making at home and stir it in with a fork), in soups or sauces in place of salt (just add it right into your pesto or soups), and even as a spread for sandwich bread!


What: Tempeh is a naturally fermented patty of soybeans. Sounds way less sexy than it is. Although it’s really not very sexy. It tastes great though! And packs a really hefty protein punch which is why it’s a staple in my plant-based diet.

How: I love to crumble it up and sauté it like you would ground beef in a pan with some coconut oil and seasonings. (I then add it to tacos!) I also love to steam it, marinate it in a combo of olive oil, garlic, maple syrup, and tamari and roast it in the oven.


What: Plain yogurt (which can be made from dairy or dairy-free if it’s made from almond or coconut milk!) is rich in those gut-healing probiotics. As with kombucha, (and really, most things in life or at the store) the least sugary one you can find, the better.

How: How can’t you use yogurt?! You can make a parfait by layering yogurt with some berries or banana plus something crunchy like nuts, seeds or granola. You can eat it straight. You can even, if you’re feeling fancy, drizzle it on top of your protein pancakes like I do daily!

Fermented foods are awesome and totally good for you!

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