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5 Science-Backed Ways to Amplify Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is the chemical change that takes place in a cell and that creates energy for the cell to grow, reproduce, and be healthy. A healthy metabolism means normal blood sugar and blood pressure, minimal visceral (belly) fat, stable appetite and energy, and health for your joints, muscles, bones, and brain. With all those benefits, check out the 5 science-backed ways to amplify your metabolism now!


A diet high in protein boosts metabolism and increases the number of calories burned in a day. Protein provides many benefits for satiety and weight management, but it is important to be careful where your protein is coming from if you are looking for metabolism benefits. You want it to be clean and high-quality.1 Sunwarrior Lean Superfood Shake is a superior choice of protein that also offers metabolism amplifying ingredients.

Ice Water

Swapping out your sugary drink for water will absolutely lower your calorie intake, but beyond that, cold water burns even more calories as your body works to bring the cold water you drink to body temperature. This is called the thermic effect.

Coconut Oil

Replacing the cooking fats you use, like butter, with coconut oil means you are getting a healthier version of those fats. Medium-chain triglycerides increase metabolism more than with long-chain triglycerides.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting enough sleep can boost your immune system so it is ready for battle when germs and viruses invade. It also increases mood and memory while promoting productivity and energy. Sleep supports heart health and is an all-around benefit for your life. So taking responsibility for your health means getting into bed early enough to allow you to get the amount of sleep needed. Put away digital devices well before it’s time to close your eyes so your mind can relax. If sleep is restless due to overactive nerves or stress, you may want to try magnesium. Magnesium is a vital mineral that enhances your natural cellular and electrical impulses to help you sleep better.


Step into any smoothie or coffee shop and you will find matcha listed on the menu somewhere. Matcha is a high-grade green tea in powdered form and comes from whole, powdered tea leaves. Its bright green color is an indicator of the vibrant health benefits found within. It provides many antioxidant benefits while also providing a unique flavor that is both sweet and bitter where those two flavors mingle to end on something slightly savory. It might sound strange, but the end result is one that is distinctively pleasant—hence the reason you will find it in any smoothie or coffee shop.

The abundant antioxidants reduce oxidative stress, allowing your system to run at its best. But beyond that, according to the National Institute for Health, matcha tea “increases energy expenditure and fat oxidation,” and that it “reduces lipogenesis and fat absorption.”

Ignite Your Metabolism

Sunwarrior’s Thermo Greens is a perfect blend of metabolism-igniting ingredients like Matcha Caloriburn (Grains of Paradise), Spectra, Apple Cider Vinegar, and a potent greens blend for antioxidants.

Ignite your metabolism to support healthy body composition with this superior thermogenic catalyst. High-quality, clinically-tested ingredients give you antioxidant action to help you fight free radicals and activate brown adipose tissue so you can burn fat and build health all at the same time.


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