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Easy Vegan Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a lot like potato salad, and not just because both are popular in the hot summer months. Here is a recipe for easy gazpacho that will feel like a flavor parade!

See, potato salad is one of those classics that everybody has their own twist on. My grandmother’s classic version has homemade mayonnaise, mustard, celery, onion, and hard-boiled egg. Your family undoubtedly has its own adaptation.

Classic gazpacho—which originated in Spain—is made of raw vegetables, including a tomato base, and is served chilled. Modern variations might include the addition of avocados, grapes, parsley, almonds, dried fruits, and other herbs and produce. There are even non-raw, non-vegetarian twists with such inclusions as bread, seafood, meat stock, boiled egg, roasted tomatoes, and wine.

As with ingredients, texture—how thick the gazpacho is made—varies by family and by regions of the world.

If you’re opting for the more timeless style of gazpacho, know that every batch you make will taste different. Your selection of tomato will have a big bearing on the outcome, of course. The best tomatoes make the best gazpacho, so use fresh, juicy, organic heirloom tomatoes if you have access to them. Letting gazpacho “sit” allows the flavors to develop, but to reap the most nutritional benefits from this summer favorite, eat it soon after preparing—perhaps within a day or two. Keep it tightly sealed in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

For a meal that’s a breeze, pair a bowl of gazpacho with a side of your favorite vegan potato salad.

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