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Simple Natural Medicine Recovery Tips 101

When you find yourself under the weather, there are some simple, natural steps that can help you recover both physically and mentally!

Shut the Daily Duties Down

Your body, as well as your mind, need the proper rest to recover. If at all possible, take the day off. This mean from work, working out, or anything else that requires a lot of movement and effort to rest. Ease your body--ease your mind. The more you try to power through, the longer your sickness lingers.

Chug It

Drink fluids as often as possible; lack of proper fluids lead to dehydration which in turn, will make you miserable. If you’re running to the bathroom every 45 minutes because of your constant intake of water and tea, you’re playing the game correctly. Keep chugging along. We’re cheering you on. CHUG, CHUG, CHUG.

Focus on Distraction

A weird thought-- to focus on distraction. This may be the only case to feed your mind on something other than the thought “I’m sick” or “I feel miserable.” Focus on and immerse your mind in a good book, a cool show, or anything that works for you. Ease up, chill out.


To good health, right? Positivity is key to feel like a million bucks. Focus on your process of healing rather than your current state of pure misery. What we focus our mind on--we expand. It’s a healing process in this road to recovery.

Get Energized!

A 15– 20-minute nap can give you the boost you need (try drinking coffee before that nap; caffeine takes approximately 20 minutes to kick into your system) you’ll be fresh in no time.

No time for nap time? Drink kombucha for the kick your body needs! Kombucha is good for the gut, boosts your metabolism, and contains antibiotic and probiotic properties that are ideal to help power through your sickness. It is packed with enzymes and contains carbonation from the fermented green or black tea. A quick fix for the boost of energy your body craves, kombucha keeps your body’s immune system in check and energized and is ready to fight your battles on this road to recovery.

Sip some matcha--you may love it a whole matcha--packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, it has a boost for metabolism but calms the mind and enhances mood.

Eat a balanced breakfast filled with complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and all of the healthy fats. You’ll be feeling fine in no time!

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