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How to Make Apple Nachos!

Apple nachos. No cheese, no crunchy tortilla chip. But we’re calling them nachos because they crunch and they’re drizzled with melty awesome. It’s a thing. A really good thing.

Apple nachos have about as much in common with actual nachos as Mother’s Day has with Father’s Day. I mean, same concept, I guess, but Mother’s Day activities and gifts are completely 180 degrees different from Father’s Day gifts, right? Well, similar to actual “nachos” these apple nachos do have a crunchy vehicle (apples) laid out on a dish with melty stuff on top (nut butter drizzle) so I guess they have all that in common. And what we have in common is greater than our differences.

Either way, I should stop analyzing because calling this easy-to-make healthy apple snack “nachos” makes it all the more fun, so whatever!

Oh, and you know that this is actually a healthy snack, right? I mean, the health benefits of apples are tremendous. They’re extremely rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, they have a lot of dietary fiber (make sure you eat the skins! And make sure they’re organic!), which can help you poop. Your blood sugar won’t spike from eating it, and they’ve got a solid amount of Vitamin C. So, yeah, I guess this is the opposite of nachos because nachos aren’t the least bit nutritious.

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