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A Low Calorie, No-Sugar Added Take on Margaritas & Mojitos

Toast in the New Year with these Low Calorie, No-Sugar Added Margaritas & Mojitos! A healthy take on your new year festivities!

I can’t resist a delicious margarita. After a long day of work, the thought of snacking on guacamole and sipping a freshly-made margarita at my favorite neighborhood restaurant sounds like heaven. But here’s the problem: a margarita can have up to 800 calories! They are often loaded with sugar and sodium, causing a rapid and potentially dangerous spike in your blood sugar. Mojitos are another crowd favorite, but I rarely order them because it’s like drinking pure sugar. The average mojito has 25 grams of sugar! That much added sugar can lead to weight gain, so why throw away all of your hard work in maintaining a healthy diet and pushing through tough workouts? It turns out there are healthy versions of both cocktails that have half the calories and no added sugar. They are even vitamin packed with some Sunwarrior power ingredients. Here are two recipes that will hydrate and fuel your body with minerals while you enjoy a cocktail!

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