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Blue Majik Smoothie Bowl

You won’t feel blue with this blue majik smoothie bowl! It tastes great, looks pretty, and is filled with all the good your body needs! We’re here for you!

Oh smoothie bowl, you are so blue. You are so gorgeous to our view! What’s blue, colorful and looks like something designed by the blue fairy? It’s the newest craze called Blue Majik.. After seeing many people in the city consuming this gorgeous turquoise smoothie, a recipe had to be created. Many of those colorful lattes or drinks we see people consuming are actually added food coloring which I am not a fan of. Food coloring contains chemicals and additives that serve no purpose to the body. The key to this bright smoothie is limiting the number of ingredients that go into it. For best results, only add ingredients that are neutral in color or white such as almond milk, protein powder, banana, or vegan yogurt.

This powder is derived from spirulina. This powder has high concentrations of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients. We added this superfood to our smoothie bowl, and it was absolutely delicious. This newest food trend seems to be popping up in juices, lattes, and smoothies. The best quality about Blue Majik is that it contains B12. Vegans often suffer from low vitamin B12 because it is not readily found in a lot of foods. Although this powder does have a powerful smell, we promise it tastes incredible mixed into smoothies. Since you only need such a small amount of the powder, it will last you a long time!

The best thing about this smoothie is that it’s fantastic first thing in the morning. Unlike cereals, cookies, or cakes, this smoothie bowl won’t give you a crash half way through the day. Plus, it’s super simple; toss everything in the blender and voila! Top with any fruit, granola, nuts, seeds, or coconut whip. Make this bowl your masterpiece and enjoy every last blue sip.

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