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8 Tips for the Traveling Vegan Foodie

Ever starved in an airport? Or worse, in a plane? Starve no more! Follow these 8 tips for the traveling vegan foodie!

There is nothing worse than being stranded without food in an airport (okay, there are a lot of things that are worse, but being stuck at the airport with no food isn’t awesome.). Sometimes you have to be creative and make do with limited resources. It is so important to make sure you are nourished when you are away. That may mean that you have to pack yourself a whole bunch of goodies to take with you on the go, just in case. Even if your airport may accommodate you with food stalls, it is not worth going through the stress that you may not be eating for the next few hours. Don’t resort to white sugar, white flour, or fried foods; all of these can zap your energy and your immune system while thousands of feet in the air.

If you choose not to bring your own food for when you get to your destination, then it is important to make use of the internet and source out some of the healthy, vegetarian and organic restaurants and stores that may be nearby. It is imperative that you put your eating habits first when you travel. The last thing you want is to be left hungry, tired, and frustrated because you didn’t plan properly!

Scope out the scene before you fly and check online resources regarding the area where you’re traveling. You’ll want to find local restaurants, health food stores, and farmers markets.

Always remember quick grab goodies like fresh fruit, raw veggies and other whole foods like avocado and coconut chips. You also need to definitely make and bring a trail mix with you every time you travel (see recipe below). These are great for both the plane and to keep in your bag while traveling.

Quick-fix breakfasts are cured with chia seeds and buckwheat. You can make them anywhere! All you need is some added water or nut milk (you may want to bring some cinnamon and powdered stevia too!). If you have a morning flight, this is perfect, too, while on the plane.

Bring an organic dark chocolate. The healthy fat will keep you full, and the chocolate will keep you happy even if your fellow passengers aren’t always pleasant. Plus, it will remove the temptation to get a mini, overpriced bag of junk food on the plane.

(NOTE: If you're looking for a little pick me up and want to stay away from the energy drink, check out our article on the plant based foods to boost your energy. Click here.)

Pack more food than you think you will need. Don’t just fill a single container with snacks bring two or more. You never know what can happen! If your flight is delayed a few hours, or there’s no chance of a healthy restaurant in sight, you’ll be grateful you have extra.

Pack organic dried fruit like mango, apple, and pear slices (organic is especially important for dried fruit to make sure you skip the preservatives or extra sugar). The tendency for people in airports is to grab a bag of candy. Your dried fruit will save you the sugar, calories, colors, and blood sugar crash.

Get savory with snacks like roasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt or seaweed. You can even bring an avocado with sea salt. This can help curb your sweet cravings and keep your salty tooth happy, so you don’t have to give into chips or pretzels on the plane.

Hydrate! Especially when you are going up in the air the body loses so much water, and planes tend to be extremely dry. Obviously, you will have buy water or other liquids on “the other side,” but don’t forget and drink lots before, during, and after your flight. I like to also add chlorophyll or Sunwarrior Super Greens to my water to help counter the effects of the radiation in flight.

Make this delicious trail mix combination in large batches to snack on even when you’re not traveling!

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