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Fitness Tips for Beginners

Gearing up for New Years and resolutions means fitness. Luckily, we have all the fitness tips you need!

Are you new to working out? Excited to implement physical health into your normal regimen? Deciding to incorporate fitness into your daily routine is the perfect first step to receiving countless benefits in every aspect of your life. You get to cash in on amplified energy, more confidence, improved sleep, and so much more.

However, with so much information and “do’s and dont’s” circulating the internet, things can get a bit overwhelming for any person. This may make it difficult when first starting out, or even getting back into the game. There’s no magic to it, no right or wrong, just beginning. Whether you have been in the gym for one week or one decade, there is a high chance that you have made mistakes that have prevented you from reaching optimal results. Below are a list of strategies, mindsets, and habits that can help you if you are new to the industry, new to working out, or nervous to step foot in the gym.


It’s important to know your “why”, the reason you are starting this program and implementing a new plan in your life. Be clear about your goals, write them down, and refer back to them often. Once you have identified your way, begin to reason and find an answer to your “what” and even your “how.” Why do I want to implement this in my life? What is the reason behind it all? In what ways will my life be different if I stay consistent? How will I add this into my busy lifestyle? How will I reach my goals? It’s all about mindset.


Consistency > Intensity. Know how to prioritize your time and what to prioritize first. It can be easy to reach a burn out, and we don’t want that to happen. First, don’t give up. Reaching goals and seeing results take time and lots of it. Consistency is key. It takes time to build a body and put you in a better mood. It takes hard work and dedication; however, it’s important not to overdo it. Make sure your works are sustainable. Focus on slowly building your strength in smaller increments and build from there. It’s more important to begin working out simply for 30–45 minutes at an intensity that is moderate 3–5 times a week, rather than a 1–2 hour extremely high intensity workout seven days a week. Pace yourself. Don’t overperform or overcommit in the beginning stages. You’ll still feel empowered with a dedicated 30 minute working as you safely and effectively reach your goals. Remember, rest days are necessary and play a big part in recovery and reaching results.

Buddy System

Get a buddy system. It’s easier to stay motivated with like-minded motivated friends who can hold you accountable. These people can help you persevere in your workouts and your consistency with it. It’s important to make positive changes outside the gym as well. Your association has a big impact on your decisions in every aspect of your life. Make sure your buddy system will help you make those positive changes. Improvement in your nutrition, sleep, hydration, and stress levels will lead to results.


Avoid injuries, and be sure not to skip proper warm ups and cool downs. These steps are imperative in keeping your muscles in good condition. This helps to build, recover, strengthen, and ultimately progress safely and effectively. Begin with an “I can do this” mentality and reward yourself when mini goals are reached and accomplished.


Invest your workout time doing something you genuinely enjoy. Do you hate the gym? Attend a cycle class. Do an outside workout. Find a trainer. Find something you personally enjoy doing and focus on incremental progress each day. Branch out and find new ways of incorporating your new found fitness into your lifestyle. You’re more likely to remain consistent.

Sometimes you will have set backs and that is okay. When it comes to fitness, you must remain patient. Every day will not be the same nor will every day be perfect. However, it’s important to keep a positive mindset and know it’s life and things happen. One day will not make or break you. Be patient, and be prepared to make changes. This will only make you better. Don’t make it easy for yourself and find excuses. Excuses don’t make you stronger.

Master fundamental movements, and don’t compare yourself to others who are further along in their fitness program or journey. This can truly hinder your performance, progress, confidence and mentality. You have your own journey to focus on. Don’t over complicate your workouts, Keep things basic and be good to your body. A good goal to keep in mind in progress--not perfection. Remember others were once beginners.

Gratitude is an important aspect of your fitness journey. Be grateful for what your body can do. Be grateful for where you are, right now. Tackle your goals one step at a time. Create a plan that is simple and also aligns perfectly with the goals you have set for yourself. It’s important to enjoy the process of reaching your goals rather than getting caught up with where you want to be or how you want to look when your reach your goals. Create a strong mind and strong body with a simple line of gratitude.

Author: Tim-McComsey

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