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7 Pieces of Equipment to Make your Workout a HIIT

Make your workout a HIIT with these 7 vital pieces of equipment to your exercise toolbox! No gym required!

HIIT or better known as High-Intensity Interval Training workouts have become a huge success over the last few years. With many health professionals speaking, blogging and podcasting about it, HIIT has gained popularity now more than ever.

Dr. Mercola, for instance, is a huge proponent of HIIT workouts and for a good reason. A simple 15-minute HIIT workout done three times a week can have many benefits. Such benefits as losing weight, building, burning calories, increasing your metabolism, and strengthening your heart muscle are but just a small fraction of the amazing benefits.

According to research studied by Dr. Mercola, HIIT has a tremendous boost in human growth hormones; it has a potential to change your DNA, improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation. All these are incredible findings of which help to slow down the aging process.

There have also been new gyms popping up like Orange Theory, and new classes offered in gyms all focusing on High-Intensity Interval Training.

Ok, what if you don’t have time to go to the gym, or do a class? Don’t fret you can easily do a HIIT workout in the comfort of your own home with minimal investment and as little as 7 pieces of equipment. Here are my 7 top fitness equipment to invest in to take your HIIT workouts to the next level.

Jump Rope

We all know that doing some form of cardiovascular activity is important. This piece of fitness equipment goes a long way for HIIT workouts. It is cost effective, easily portable, and you can even take it with you if you are on vacation since it is so light and flexible it would take up hardly any room in your luggage.

Using a jump rope utilizes your entire body and is an excellent cardiovascular workout. Jump rope is an effective fat burning exercise, and you can get a great workout in as little as 10 minutes.


By far one of the best equipment for shaping your legs and glutes are the kettlebells. They are versatile and can be used to press, swing, and squat. Purchasing a lighter one for the upper body and a heavier one for the lower body is a good idea especially for women as our lower body tends to be stronger than our upper body.


Owning a pair of dumbbells is always a good idea. If you have them around the house, it is easy to pick them up and do a few bicep curls. Having a light and medium pair is a good start. As you continue to make gains with your HIIT workouts, you can purchase heavier ones as you go.

Power Loop Bands

Power loop bands are light, portable, easy and fun to use. This lightweight elastic-like piece of equipment is great to have on hand for adding an extra challenge to bodyweight exercises. Believe you me your lower body will thank you for them. They come in various resistances so purchasing a set to include three loop bands with light, medium, and heavy resistance levels is ideal.


Sliders are thin round discs that can be used on either the floor or a carpeted area.

Sliders are a great way to strengthen your entire body which is low impact and easy on the joints because your feet never leave the floor. Now be aware it is no easy workout when using this equipment. Sliders are great to increase overall strength, improve flexibility, balance and give your core a challenge.

Yoga & Exercise Mat

Okay, an exercise mat these days is a must. Everyone can use one. Even if you do nothing else but relax on it in Shavasana (also known as corpse pose) or to distress from your day, it is worth the purchase. If you are working out on a hard surface, an exercise mat can also be used as an added cushioning for your workout. Of course, if you are doing exercises on the floor, this also acts as extra padding for your knees and back. Regardless you cannot go wrong with an exercise mat.

Foam Roller

This piece of equipment you may think is not a necessity, but if you are working as hard as you should be doing your HIIT workouts, then you will likely benefit a whole lot with this piece of equipment. The importance of a foam roller cannot be overemphasized. Any massage or athletic therapist will agree that a minimum of 10 minutes can be beneficial. Foam rolling can help with muscle soreness, breaking up scar tissue, muscle recovery and improving flexibility.

There you have it, folks: 7 of the best basic exercise equipment that you will ever need to make your Workout an absolute HIIT. Enjoy!

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